Our favourite NSW getaway ideas. Just in time the for easing of COVID-19 restrictions.

Our favourite NSW getaway ideas. Just in time the for easing of COVID-19 restrictions.

Our favourite NSW getaway ideas. Just in time the for easing of COVID-19 restrictions.

The NSW government has just announced interstate travel restrictions will be lifted from June 1, just in time for the upcoming long weekend on June 6th-8th. This means NSW residents will be able to travel about the state, as long as we continue to practice social distancing and good hygiene practices. 

This comes as very exciting news for all the cooped up NSW residents who have been confined to their home for over 6 weeks now. It’s also great news for regional NSW which has suffered a terrible economic hit, first from the bushfires, next came the floods, and now COVID-19. 

Our team here at Beauty News are absolutely thrilled for these new freedoms, we have compiled a short n’ sweet list of the best NSW COVID-Safe activities you can do this winter.

Check them out!

1.The Murray Darling River.

The Murray Darling River is one of the longest rivers in the world, we are lucky to have it in our backyard. In only a 10 hour drive from Sydney city, this is the perfect destination for you and a partner or family to explore the native beauty Australia has to offer. The Murray Darling offers a number of exciting activities from boating, rafting, and fishing. If that sounds far too cold for the winter months, not to worry, The Murray Darling offers other outdoor activities like hiking, trails, and cycling.

Source: The Weekly
Source: Research for Agriculture


2. The Broken Hill area

Outback NSW was one of the hardest hit by the bushfires, environmentally and economically. Luckily, it is also one of Australia’s most stunning landscapes. The area sports many natural wonders from desert walks, to breathtaking views, perfect for all your wilderness needs. Here are some of Broken Hill’s best COVID-safe attractions.

  • The Living Desert Sculpture site.

    Source: Trip Adviser

Here you can see some of the world’s best outdoor sculptures. Standing since 1993, they are a must see.

  • Mundi Mundi Lookout.
Ms Young went missing somewhere between Broken Hill and Silverton
Source: abc.net.au

This lookout makes you feel like you’ve reached the edge of the world. When you get to the top, the Mundi Mundi Plains seem to stretch out for an eternity. If you’d like to be seriously impressed, I suggest you visit this spot. 

  •  Kinchega and Mutawintji National Park.
Source: visitnsw.com.au


Source: visitnsw.com.au

3. The Blue Mountains.

A NSW classic! The Blue Mountains were devastated by the summer fires, but residents claim that green foliage is already growing back! Packed full of nature walks and historical sites, this place is essential for any inter NSW travel. These are two of our top spots. 

  • Echo Point
Source: Quantas

Echo Point is easily the most famous spot in the Blue Mountains with its incredible views and rich history. Dating back almost 65,000 years, Echo point was originally owned by two Indigenous clans, the Gundungarra and the Durug peoples. These clans had many interesting legends surrounding this area, which are just a few of the things the Blue Mountains have to explore.

  • The Leura Candy Shop


Source: The Leura Candy Shop

The Blue Mountains is also home to the infamous Leura Candy Shop. Since it’s opening in 1990, this store has seen a string of tourists, lining up to get their sugar fix. With the antique style decor and colourful shelves bursting with delights, this store is sure to revert any adult to their childhood selves. If you too want some Willy Wonky nostalgia, be sure to make a quick stop on your way to Echo point. 

4. Orange. 

Just a 3.5 hour drive from Sydney, Orange has the best slow-life living. With its high altitudes, and its fertile volcanic soil, Orange has some of the best local produce and wines NSW has to offer. Although wine tourism has slowed down since COVID-19, you should still get in your car, book an Airbnb, and get your forks out to sample some of their best local produce.

Source: golfandtours.com
Source: mountainsprings.com.au

And don’t forget the wines!


5. ANY of NSW South Coast. With its national walking tracks and exceptional beaches, the NSW South Coast can rival any contender on a global nature list. If you’re courageous enough to have a freezing 6am swim, any of these coastal beaches will do just the trick. Coledale, Callala, and Culburra, and Kiama are just a few of the best.

Source: australiatraveller.com
Source: planetware.com

Hyams beach is probably our favourite, and the most famous. Known for its brilliantly white sands, you better bring a pair of sunnies because that glare will blind you.

Source: visitnsw.com.au

Although international travel for Australia is off the cards for the foreseeable future, it ain’t so bad. It finally gives Australians a perfect opportunity to reconnect and explore the wonders our country has to offer. 


Phoebe Repeti


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