Best Luxury Jewellers in Sydney for 2022

Best Luxury Jewellers in Sydney for 2022

Best Luxury Jewellers in Sydney for 2022

Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift for a loved one or a unique jewellery piece that’s the epiphany of elegance, finding the best luxury jewellers in Sydney is not as easy as it sounds. 

A great luxury jeweller will use only the best, high-quality materials, is able to add that personal, unique touch to their craftsmanship and creates pieces and collections that will last a lifetime, destined to be heirlooms of the future. 

With so many exceptional luxury jewellers in Sydney it can be hard to know where to start. To help you out, we reviewed over 30 of Sydney’s top luxury jewellers to bring you our top 5 selection of the best luxury jewellers in Sydney! 

Best Luxury Jewellers in Sydney for 2022 | Midas

1. Midas Jewellery

It’s not a secret that we love Midas Jewellery. This family-owned business sets itself apart from the competition by not only creating exquisite, bespoke jewellery pieces right here in Sydney, but by also ensuring that they deliver what we call the ‘Midas personal touch’ for each and every customer. But don’t just take our word for it, check out the raving reviews about the Midas experience from thousands of their customers across all 3 stores. 

The Midas personal touch is a unique offering that goes way beyond the guarantee of exceptional customer service. Their highly skilled and talented artisans work with you to create your dream jewellery piece and their lifelong after care offering puts them leagues ahead of their competition. 

The culmination of skills between gemologist and jeweller ensures each piece represents the high-quality standards that are synonymous with the Midas Jewellery name. 

It’s no surprise that due to their knowledge, brilliant service motto and decades of experience, Midas Jewellery have been recognised time and time again for their divine jewellery collections. Plus, more recently as the top engagement ring and wedding ring jewellers in the industry, with awards and media coverage all around Australia. 

Best Sydney Jewellers of 2022 | Cerrone

2. Cerrone

With over 40 years of customer satisfaction and experience in the jewellery industry, Cerrone comes in second on our list! 

While Cerrone has a growing reputation as the leading luxury designers of diamond rings in Australia, they are also known for their unique ability to convert a customer into a loyal Cerrone lover, destined to be a member of the Cerrone jeweller family forever. 

Diamonds are one of nature’s most beautiful creations and at Cerrone, they enhance their beauty, mystery and sophistication in their pieces. 

Cerrone creates beautiful pieces that capture moments, both big and small, to deliver jewellery that tells unique stories. 

Best Sydney Jewellers of 2022 | Tiffany And Co

3. Tiffany and Co

Coming in third on our list is the iconic jewellery store, Tiffany and Co! This global design house has become an icon of classic yet innovative jewellery design and has helped to establish the diamond engagement ring as an enduring symbol of love. 

Tiffany has also created unique pieces in collaboration with designers around the world. These inspired designs are true symbols of artistry and their brilliant craftsmanship has meant that many of these collaborations have been featured throughout media publications worldwide.

For an added bit of luxury, we can’t forget to mention the iconic blue box and white ribbon! When a girl gets one of these little treasure boxes, her heart jumps a few beats before she even undoes the ribbon! 

Best Sydney Jewellers of 2022 | J Farren Price

4. J Farren Price

Whether you’re wanting a striking timepiece or bespoke jewellery piece, J Farren Price deliver exceptional quality pieces that last a lifetime! 

From a single sketch, the jewellers at this bespoke store combine the best metals and precious gemstones to create pieces of the highest quality. 

With 60 years of experience in the luxury jewellery industry, J Farren Price handcrafts with their customers’ dreams in mind to create one-of-a-kind jewellery pieces that you’ll wear for a lifetime!

Best Sydney Jewellers of 2022 | Canturi

5. Canturi

Earning our final spot in our top 5 luxury jewellers in Sydney is Canturi. With over 30 years of experience and handcrafted designs their artistic pieces are made to last a lifetime! 

Inspired by the beauty of the unique features of gemstones, Canturi’s team of talented jewellers create modern pieces that combine precision and art. 

From traditional to modern, minimalist to showstoppers, Canturi has a huge range of one-of-a-kind jewellery pieces!

Sydney has many wonderful jewellers, but when it comes to luxury, you want to choose from the best luxury jewellers in Sydney. Now comes the fun part, shopping!

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