Top 5 Opal Jewellery Stores In Sydney

Top 5 Opal Jewellery Stores In Sydney

Top 5 Opal Jewellery Stores In Sydney

Opals are one of the rarest and most beautiful stones in the world. It’s no wonder they’re so popular. And with so many gorgeous stones found all around the country, we’re not at all surprised that Sydney boasts some of the best opal jewellery stores out there. So here are our picks for the Top 5 Opal Jewellery Stores in Sydney!


1. Australian Opal Cutters


top 5 opal jewellers in sydney


Number one on our list of the top 5 opal jewellery stores in Sydney undeniably goes to the world leaders of Opal Jewellery – Australian Opal Cutters.

A family business that has been operating for over 60 years – including 4 generations!  – this excellent and vastly popular jewellery store has serviced over a million customers from every country in the world.

Australian Opal Cutters’ unique lifetime warranty and service guarantee ensures their precious gems stand the test of time. They source their brilliant opals directly from the mines and sell directly to you – making sure you get the best value from your stone.

In fact, rarity, affordability and value is exactly what Australian Opal Cutters stand for.

With an incredible range of opals on offer, their jewellery covers rings, earrings, pendants and necklaces. Sign up for an iVenture card and you’ll even get a free pair of pearl earrings when you visit!

In fact, there’s even more reasons to visit. Australian Opal Cutters even offers free opal cutting tours and lessons. How good is that!

Add that to their excellent and informative customer service, affordable jewellery and quality assurance and you’ve got yourself the greatest Opal jewellery store in Sydney.



2. Opal Minded



Our runner up goes to a lovely little boutique in the heart of Sydney. Open Minded is based in the iconic Rocks of Sydney, just metres away from the breathtaking Opera House.

Since its beginnings in 1989, Opal Minded has quickly become a favourite of Sydney-siders and tourists abroad, looking for that perfect opal piece.

In fact, Opal Minded are the only store in Sydney that mines its own opals!

Their extensive range offers everything from pret-a-porter classical designs to contemporary designs, plus a touch of customising in between! You can select rings, ear rings, pendants… There’s really no limited to what Opal Minded can do.

Equipped with knowledgable staff who are professional, informative and not at all pushy, shopping at Opal Minded is a pleasant experience.

They even offer an excellent post-sales service, just to make sure your lovely piece is as beautiful as the day you bought it, and you are just as happy.

Can’t get much better than that!



3. Giulians Fine Jewellery


top 5 opal jewellers in sydney


Claiming the third spot on our list of the top 5 opal jewellery stores in Sydney is another Rocks native, Giulians Fine Jewellery.

This wonderful store offers an impressive award-winning collection of some of the nation’s finest opal pieces.

In fact, Giulians offers some of the rarest, most diverse gemstones on Earth!

Their staff have a combined 150+ years of experience, proving knowledgable and eager to help their ever-fascinated customers with excellent advice and education.

At Giulians, you can find one-of-a-kind jewellery pieces. They’re all duty free, and made from genuine authentic Australian opals, including black, boulder and white opals.

Giulians also delivers worldwide, but why not pop a visit to their lovely Sydney Harbour location, anyway. You’ll be greeted by friendly staff and have the chance to see their incredible collections up close.



4. Masterpiece Jewellery Opals and Gems



Coming in at number 4 is Masterpiece Jewellery – Opals and Gems.

Once again, you can find this fantastic little store located by Sydney Harbour in East Circular Quay – merely steps away from the iconic Opera House!

With custom designs available – including engagement rings! – Masterpiece Jewellery brings you some of the best quality Australian Opal Jewellery this country has to offer.

Established in 1980, they have quickly become one of the most reputable jewellers in Sydney. Equipped with professional, friendly and knowledgable staff, Masterpiece Jewellery are always ready and willing to attend to your every need. From replacements, to adjustments, to an excellent post-sales service, Masterpiece Jewellery go above and beyond to create an unforgettable opal experience.



5. Cosmopolitan Jewellery



Last but not least, we present you one of our favourite jewellers, Cosmopolitan Jewellery.

This brilliant little store is once again located – you guessed it – in the heart of the Rocks!

Cosmopolitan Jewellery is internationally renowned. Since its start in 1992, it’s quickly earned a strong reputation for excellence in design, manufacturing and service.

It’s also Australia’s largest retailer of designer Black Opal, Boulder Opal and Crystal Opal jewellery.

Unset opals, sterling silver opal jewellery and 18 carat gold and platinum opal jewellery are all available here. In fact, Cosmopolitan Jewellery has one of the largest collections of opal earrings, rings, pendants, necklaces, bangles and bracelets in Sydney.

With friendly sales people guiding you through every step of the process, not to mention some of the best prices going around, you really can’t go wrong with Cosmopolitan Jewellery.

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