Keep Warm And Healthy This Winter With Tea From Black Leaves

Keep Warm And Healthy This Winter With Tea From Black Leaves

Keep Warm And Healthy This Winter With Tea From Black Leaves

We all know that one of the best winter warmers is a good cup of hot tea! Black Leaves is an Australian owned business that handcraft organic, vegan teas that will tickle your taste buds whilst helping to aid various mental and physical health conditions. From weight loss, to anxiety and stress, to digestion, and with flavour, flavour and more flavour, Black Leaves definitely has a tea for you!

What is the Black Leaves’ mission? It’s simple, to provide brilliant tea products that help balance your fitness goals, aid healthy eating and achieve an overall sense of well-being. All this whilst tasting great, now that’s what’s we call tea!!!

Choosing our favourites wasn’t easy, but here a just a few of the ones we here at Beauty News fell in love with!


Black Leaves Peppermint Tea

Starting off our personal favourites is the classic Black Leaves Peppermint Tea. With a refreshing flavour, and its added health benefits, peppermint tea is an excellent choice for those cold and gloomy winter days.

Another great feature of the Black Leaves Peppermint Tea is ability to sooth your digestive tract, helping to reduce those nasty gases that can cause bloating and discomfort. In addition, this fresh minty tea has calming properties that help to relieve stress and anxiety and it also works as a combatant to menstrual cramping. So sit back, relax, grab a book and sip on a flavoursome cup of peppermint tea!


Black Leaves Milk Oolong

Now when it comes to ‘weight loss drinks’ flavour and taste is not usually something that comes to mind. Well that’s all about to change when you try Black Leaves weight loss tea, Milk Oolong’.

This tea contains the Taiwanese green tea, Jin Xuan, which has a light, creaming and flowery taste. Milk Oolong Tea helps put your metabolism into overtime, reducing cravings and excessive bloating. Now you can stick to your weight loss goals with a cuppa, who’d of thought weight loss could taste great!

Black Leaves Butterfly Pea Flower Tea

When we first out this tea to water we were in awe! Butterfly Pea Flower tea has a gorgeous bright blue and purple colouring and you will want to savour the taste because it’s to die for! That’s not the only fabulous thing about this tea though, whilst it looks stunning, it is also great for your skin and body!

So how does this tea help your skin? Black Leaves Butterfly Pea Flower tea contains strong antioxidants that help reduce skin redness, irritation and fine lines to keep your skin looking and feeling healthy. So while you are enjoying the magnificent flavour, this tea is helping to rejuvenate your skin so you can regain that youthful complexion.

With so many health benefits and great tasting teas, we can’t wait to try more of the Black Leaves range and fill you in on our next favourites. If you’ve tried Black Leaves, we’d love to hear from you about your faves!

If you haven’t yet tried this tasty, healthy, Australian tea range, check them out for yourself. You can shop the Black Leaves full range of organic teas here.


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