Rihanna crowned the most popular celebrity ‘skinfluencer’ with 51,680 annual searches

Rihanna crowned the most popular celebrity ‘skinfluencer’ with 51,680 annual searches

Rihanna crowned the most popular celebrity ‘skinfluencer’ with 51,680 annual searches

Rihanna is crowned the ultimate celebrity ‘skinfluencer’ in new research by Recreate Yourself.

The research analysed Google search data to reveal the celebrity beauty and skincare looks we love the most and the ones we most want to replicate.


Rihanna celebrity skinfluencer

The most popular celebrities for skinspiration

Rihanna – 51,680 annual skincare searches
Jennifer Lopez – 50,800 annual skincare searches
Kylie Jenner – 49,100 annual skincare searches
Paris Hilton – 36,500 annual skincare searches
Miranda Kerr – 25,950 annual skincare searches
Jessica Alba – 22,600 annual skincare searches
Jennifer Aniston – 22,300 annual skincare searches
Meghan Markle – 15,440 annual skincare searches
Kendall Jennder – 11,260 annual skincare searches
Bella Thorne – 9,950 annual skincare searches

With such clear, glowing skin, we’re all wondering what secrets Rihanna has. As she has her own range of skincare through her brand, Fenty, fans can try to emulate her skincare routine and find their Rihanna-like glow for themselves.

Our second Jennifer in our top three’s and also our second celeb over the age of 50, but with skin as flawless as J.Lo’s you would never know it. It makes sense then that fans would be searching in their droves for the secrets to Lopez’s youthful skin.

Kylie Jenner celebrity skinfluencer

The research also revealed the top 5 most popular celebrity beauty looks:
Kylie Jenner – 816,400 annual searches
Ariana Grande – 678,340 annual searches
Jennifer Anniston – 642,800 annual searches
Selena Gomez – 640, 790 annual searches
Kim Kardashian – 341,050 annual searches

The huge popularity and influence Kylie holds over the beauty world has encouraged her to launch her own extremely successful cosmetics and skincare line that catapulted Kylie to her billionaire fortune.

Could Ariana Grande follow in Kylie’s footsteps? The singer is rumored to be launching her own beauty line named ‘God is a Woman’. With over 678,340 annual searches for her beauty looks, it certainly seems like the endeavour would be a colossal success.

To view the full research, including the most searched celebrity beauty looks, please click here.


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