Best DIY At Home Spa Must Haves

Best DIY At Home Spa Must Haves

Best DIY At Home Spa Must Haves

There’s nothing like a spa treatment for days you want to treat yourself. 

Although no experience quite lives up to a full day at a spa resort, COVID-19 has made us all a little more cautious. 

At home spa treatments have become increasingly popular, and can be just as relaxing and a lot less expensive.

For those of us missing the luxury of spa treatments, here are some of the must have products you need to recreate your own spa resort at home.

Source: Garnier

Garnier SkinActive Masks

Facial masks are an essential to any at home spa day. Not only are they incredibly relaxing, but they have so many moisturizing benefits to leave your skin hydrated and radiant. Sheet masks are easy for your DIY spa and can suit all skin types. Garnier’s range of SkinActive masks come in so many varieties, there is bound to be one perfect for you.

Source: Lush Cosmetics


Lush Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are perfect for unwinding and can come in hundreds of unique flavours. Although you won’t find them at spa resorts, there’s no reason you can’t indulge with one at your home spa. Lush has become the go-to bath bomb store and has thousands to choose from to suit your at home spa preferences.

Source: Patchology

Patchology Hand Masks

With us all washing and sanitising our hands a lot more frequently, our hands are prone to drying out faster than normal. Whilst hands creams are very beneficial, the fastest way to replenish your hands is through a hand mask. At the end of your manicure, put on your hand masks for 20 minutes and feel how much smoother your hands are instantly.


Source: The Body Shop

Body Shop Foot Care Range

Foot care is often overlooked for day to day care, but spa days are the time to treat your feet to some much needed TLC. Luckily, the Body Shop has all you could ever need for taking care of your feet. From a peppermint and pumice foot scrubs to lotions, ease the strain on your feet with these revitalising products. Your feet will definitely thank you. 


Source: Gaiam Pro



Gaiam Wellness Cold Eye Mask

With the average person spending more time in front of screens than ever before, rejuvenating your eyes has become more important than ever. Eye masks with cooling agents aren’t just a fun spa accessory, they are shown to greatly benefit your overall eye health by reducing discomfort and restoring your eye’s moisture levels.The Gaiam Wellness mask is among the top tier of cooling eye masks available, and is perfect for short and long uses.


Source: Sunkin


Sunkin Hydrating Replenishing Hair Masque Treatment 

Hair treatments are a cure to most hair complaints, and taking the time to complete a full treatment is truly relaxing. Whilst most hair masques require specific conditions to work, this Sunkin Replenishing Hair Masque is suitable for all hair types and has multiple ways to use it. Whether you want to massage in your masque, or use like a condition, you’ll notice instant results for your spa day. 

What are your go-to at home spa day products you swear by? Let us know!


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