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Market City Pharmacy (Rating: 3.1) [R127/9-13 Hay St, Haymarket NSW 2000, Australia | +61 2 9212 3722 |]

I challenge you to find a better pharmacy or customer service. When’s the last time you walked into ANY store, and they remember your name? I went only once, and they remembered. While waiting just 5-10min to refill my RX, 3 diff customers drove up through the drive-through, and every time the gals remembered their names too. WOW! I thought I was in “Leave it to beaver land” for a second, in a good way. Remember good ole days when customer service & people were nice, kind, friendly, in a mutually respectful way that people have forgotten or have fallen by the wayside in the past decade or so. Well, these folks NEVER forgot. Moreover, it’s small, Not a big chain store. They’re just a pharmacy. However, Market City Pharmacy is better at everything all other pharmacies do.

If you don’t fill prescriptions there, they won’t sell you anything from behind the pharmacy. Medical spoons or syringes. Instead of telling you that they’ll screw you around till you decide to leave. So now I’m driving 40 minutes away so my son can take his medicine.

MediADVICE Head Office (Rating: 4.3) [suite c 1st floor/263 Broadway, Glebe NSW 2037, Australia | +61 2 9552 2118 |]

They are always so kind and patient. I suffer from anxiety, so the fact that they have an app where I can easily just get Stromectol medication refilled is so convenient for me. I haven’t had a bad experience with them, and every time something changes with my medication, MediADVICE Head Office makes sure to inform me. Best service I have ever gotten from a pharmacy!

Excellent customer service, and they are so personal and caring. I have been with them for years, and no matter who is there, even though Rodney has been there the longest, and I honestly love him and his whole staff to death, everyone that has been there has been a complete miracle worker for me. So I can’t give them a high enough rating.

PRICELINE BROADWAY (Rating: 3.8) [Shop 322/323, 1 Bay Street Broadway Shopping Centre, Glebe NSW 2037, Australia | +61 2 9281 5877 |]

PRICELINE BROADWAY is the BEST pharmacy, hands down, in my opinion!!! The staff is always friendly and helpful, and they’re just wonderful people!!! I can go in to fill a prescription or to pick up a few things and come out in a completely different mood just because everyone is so nice!!!! And your wait time on prescriptions is hardly any, even when they are packed. They will still have your prescription ready fast!!! I think the longest I have ever waited was 20 minutes, and that was around the 1st of the month (and that was only 1 time), and I’ve been using Wards for about 2-3 years now!!! Their prices on Stromectol are by far the best deal in town, and they sell more than just medication SOOOOOO if you haven’t been there, you for real need to go by and check them out!!!! I won’t EVER use another pharmacy!!!

I keep asking for them to use pill vials instead of the bubble packs for Stromectol tablets, and I still get bubble packs. It’s frustrating. I’ll call them before they fill my medications and remind them, but it seems that they don’t have a good level of communication there.

Centennial Plaza Pharmacy (Rating: 3.6) [300 Elizabeth St, Surry Hills NSW 2000, Australia | +61 2 9281 9331 |]

They only have 1 door to enter and exit. Exiting is a problem if you are carrying a case of water. You have to pull the door to exit. I would not recommend this place for the handicapped. However, they do have handicapped parking. Employees were masked and friendly. Participants are up at the drug department and cashiers.

I have nothing but good to say about Centennial Plaza Pharmacy! Over the years, I have even developed friendships with many of the employees just by shopping there. The pharmacy takes care of my scripts with prompt professionalism, detail, and kindness-filled courtesy! They even include the discount Rx card (without me even asking) since I currently have to pay cash out of pocket. I used to go to CVS, but Alto’s quick, thorough & caring service both won me over & keeps me here! Jenna is one amazing pharm tech! She never has to ask my name! Now that’s caring! 🙂 Thank you!