How to Get the Most from Your Kettlebell Workout

How to Get the Most from Your Kettlebell Workout

How to Get the Most from Your Kettlebell Workout

Take your kettlebell training to the next level with these helpful hints and tips for best practice from PT and wellness entrepreneur, Rachael Sacerdoti.

A brilliant piece of equipment for users of all ages, the kettlebell offers a versatile resistance workout that targets the entire body. Along with improving your cardiovascular fitness and improving core strength and stability, using a kettlebell also offers full-body power and strength conditioning. In addition, its deliberate shape helps centre the weight in your hands meaning you have to work harder to keep it under control adding to its overall impact when exercising.

Founder of international fitness and lifestyle brand, It’s So Simple, Rachael is an advocate of working out with a kettlebell thanks to the multitude of benefits it brings to your exercise routine.

“Kettlebell swings in particular are beneficial for everyone because they are an all-in-one cardio and strength training exercise. Not only that, they are known to build muscle, improve your posture and flexibility, boost your balance, aid with weight loss, and provide a full-body workout”, says Rachael.

They are also an excellent choice for anyone wanting to improve joint health as the majority of exercises using a kettlebell are compound, complete body movements that strengthen the muscles, along with ligaments and tendons that support the joints, in particular the knees and elbows. But caution needs to be taken to ensure you have the correct form, especially if you are picking up a kettlebell for the first time.

As someone who regularly trains with a kettlebell herself, Rachael offers her list of dos and don’ts in order to get that technique on point:


Make sure your core is engaged.
Pivot from your hip.
Engage your lats!
Keep your spine neutral and a tight bend in the knees.


Don’t swing the kettlebell too high or too low.
Don’t swing the kettlebell too far behind you.
Don’t lock out your legs.

Method to perform a good kettlebell swing:

Stand tall with your feet shoulder-width apart.
Hold the kettlebell in front of your body with both hands.
Engage your core and lats squeeze and hold your arms loosely in front of you.
Put weight on your heels, squeeze your gluten, and move your hips forward to swing the kettlebell to chest height whilst your arms are extended.
Make sure you’re relaxed as you swing.
Move your hips backwards slowly as the kettlebell descends and swings between your legs.

“Once you have perfected you form, you can begin to increase the weight you use”, says Rachael, “I have multiple ranging from 4kg – 40kg in cast iron as I find the weight distribution is better and they are easier on your hands”.

For more information on training with a kettlebell and general workout tips, check out the ‘it’s so simple’ Instagram page here:


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