Best and Worst Dressed of the 2020 Golden Globes

Best and Worst Dressed of the 2020 Golden Globes

Best and Worst Dressed of the 2020 Golden Globes

Well that magical time is upon us once again, wherein celebs will spend hours upon hours becoming perfectly coifed and dressed to the nines, all for their threads to be mercilessly ripped apart by us, the humble public, as we sit back in sweats, jeans and tee’s, ready to critique. A truly joyous occasion. Really though, what fun would an awards show red carpet be without the odd trainwreck of a dress or outfit for us to talk endlessly about the next day? Surprisingly, this year the Golden Globes carpet was pretty tame in terms of all-out disaster pieces, however you best believe I’m gonna sit here and provide my ever-so highly valued opinions, that nobody asked for.

So, without further ado…



Image result for golden globes carpet billy porter

Image: Getty Images via RCFA

Billy Porter

Was there ever really going to be a Best Dressed list without this icon slaying at the very top? Billy never pulls his punches when it comes to his awards show looks, and Sunday night featured what may be his most exuberant fit yet. Nothing but respect for my king.


Image: NBC via

Ana de Armas

For anyone living under a rock these past few months and did not know the name Ana de Armas, you will certainly know her after Sunday evenings red carpet. Turning heads in one of the most gorgeous gowns of the evening, Ana sauntered like she’d been in this game for years, despite the Globes being her award show debut.


Image result for golden globes zoey deutch

Image: Frazer Harrison ©

Zoey Deutch

Oh my god, hands down best dressed of the evening for me. I absolutely detest yellow in all its various shades when used in clothing, and yet this look took my breath away. Not to mention the perfectly accessorised blue pendant and earrings, and Zoey’s gorgeous red hair? This look had every primary colour serving and I am living for it.


Image: Frazer Harrison © via RCFA

Dakota Fanning

Wearing Christian Dior Haute Coutoure Dakota appeared every bit the lost princess whose stumbled straight out of a Disney film, but considering that she will forever live in my mind as a 10-year-old a-la Cat in the Hat days, much like Taylor Momsen will forever be Cindy Lu Who to me, this look feels quite fitting. The lavender tones suit her complexion gorgeously, and her accessories only further compliment the fit. Chef’s kiss.


Kaitlyn Dever Wore $47 Aldo Heels to the Golden Globes

Image: George Pimentel ©

Kaitlyn Dever

While I don’t believe I’d like the pattern or the style of this dress on their own, the combination of a minimalist cut with bold and bright print actually makes this look work quite well. What’s more, perfectly channelling her Booksmart character, Kaitlyn also wore $47 Aldo heels under her dress. What a queen.


Image result for golden globes carpet cynthia erivo

Image: Steve Granitz ©

Cynthia Erivo

I’m sorry, look at this absolute queen living her best life. Cynthia practically glowed walking down the Globes carpet, channeling elegance and Audrey Hepburn and stunning onlookers in this fabulous sequinned number, a look that certainly wouldn’t work on all.


Image result for golden globes carpet kate mckinnon 2020

Image: Shutterstock

Kate McKinnon

In one of the chiccest (not a word, I know) looks of the evening, Kate appeared absolutely stunning, and every part of this outfit just works on another level. We have no choice but to stan.


Image result for golden globes roman griffin davis

Image: Jon Kopaloff ©

Roman Griffin Davis

You know, it’s such a shame putting together these lists and featuring mostly women, because all of the men opt for the boring option of the plain black tuxe – and then this little SUPERSTAR comes out of the woodwork looking like a bold and dashing Kingsman! Truly one of the best looks of the evening, Roman’s barely 12 years old and already showing his contemporaries up.


Image result for golden globes saoirse ronan

Image: Frazer Harrison ©

Saoirse Ronan

I literally having nothing bad to say about this queen ever. Once again, she slays, this look is everything, I love you, amazing, ethereal, beauty.





Image: Frazer Harrison ©

Joey King

Holy optical illusion Batman. I am a very big fan of Joey’s, but no amount of love for her can forgive this mess of a dress. While I believe this look (could?) have worked if the pattern were left to just the dress, that huge cape/fringe billowing from around her shoulders looks like a piece of paper you’ve pulled out of the printer feed too early.


Image: Getty Images via RCFA

Kirsten Dunst

This dress looks to be masking what appears to be a beautifully cut silhouette slip with a dusty pink tablecloth. While the dusty pink look is usually a safe bet in terms of carpet colours, when paired with a bold red lip, this look screams all types of no.


Image: George Pimentel/Wire Images via RCFA ©

Margot Robbie

While I’m sure there isn’t a fit that our girl Margot couldn’t pull off, and this dress is certainly not the worst of the evening, I gotta say I was a little let down by this look. Paling in comparison to some of the gorgeous gowns that the blonde bombshell (see what I did there?) has worn in previous years, this look certainly felt more reserved.


Image result for golden globes taylor swift

Image: David Fisher/Shutterstock

Taylor Swift

I’ve seen a few publications now report that this look shouldn’t work and yet does, however I’m sorry, no, it certainly does not. The cut and shape of the dress are certainly very flattering for Taylor’s frame, which we all know since this is a cute she’s worn a bazillion times – but what is this pattern? A formal protest against the world’s hatred of Cats? I have never hated the colours yellow and blue together more than on this dress.


Image result for golden globes charlize theron

Image: Steve Granitz ©

Charlize Theron

Surely I don’t have to explain why this is probably the most hideous dress to have ever graced the face of the earth? No? Right, moving on then.


Image result for golden globes jennifer lopez

Image: Shutterstock

Jennifer Lopez

J-Lo, truly trying to keep the Christmas spirit alive well into January. If you were to try and haphazardly create a ballgown out of your mum’s Christmas tablecloths, I imagine this is quite what that would look like.




Featured Image Source: Getty Images ©


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