Top Wedding Dress Trends in 2023-2024: 10 Best Wedding Fashion

Top Wedding Dress Trends in 2023-2024: 10 Best Wedding Fashion

Top Wedding Dress Trends in 2023-2024: 10 Best Wedding Fashion

Your wedding day is one of the most special moments in your life, and your wedding dress is a reflection of your unique style and personality. In 2023-2024, wedding dress trends are evolving, introducing new elements while still embracing the timeless classics. Let’s dive into the top wedding dress trends in 2023-2024 that will inspire brides-to-be this year.


1. Exaggerate Florals

Who doesn’t love blooming florals in spring? Florals and laces are a classic and popular design in bridal dresses. However this year the designers have grown them bigger and more modern. For bridals who love floral wedding dresses, 3D florals are the absolute trend of 2023-24 weddings.


2. Off-the-shoulder Gowns

This trendy off-shoulder gowns style is definitely amongst the top wedding dresses trends in 2024. It draws attention to the bodice, which becomes the focal point and looks stunning on the bridals. 


3. Sheer Transparency 

Want something more daring? Sheer wedding dresses were more experimental in the past. But this year they are becoming one of the top wedding dress trends 2023. For daring brides who want to explore the degree of see-through wedding dress on their big day, these sheer transparency dresses will surely bring all the attention to you.


4. Color

The universal color for classic wedding dresses are always white. This year designers have been playing with multicolor to bring a fresher look for brides. Pastel blue and pale pink are the two most popular choices. These colourful dresses are quite possibly the most distinctive of the 2023-24 wedding dress trends. 


5. Off-the-shoulder Sleeves 

If you don’t feel comfortable when having off-the-shoulder dresses with the gowns, using sleeves definitely will be a golden choice for you. You’ll see why we gave it its own moment in the spotlight. This is one of the top wedding dress trends in 2023-24 you don’t want to miss.


6. Minis

With micro weddings on the rise, more and more wedding dress styles are created. These mini dresses are suitable for every event, from wedding ceremonies to after-party options. 


7. Ballgowns

Did we mention Disney Princesses and fairy tail are back? Inspired by classic romance, ballgown wedding dresses feature full and voluminous skirts draped in soft tulle or sophisticated satin. Every bride should feel like a princess on her wedding day with this ballgown – one of the top wedding dress trends in 2023-24.


8. The ‘90s

When it comes to the bridal world, some styles never fade. The 90s style seems like coming back again, leaving us questioning “have they ever really left?”. This year the 90s comeback is stronger than ever. With simple and elegant designs featuring luxe satin fabrics, it has structured bodices and clean lines.


9. Strapless 

While there are many other dress styles, strapless dresses remain one of the top wedding dress trends in 2023-24 for its beauty in showcasing the bride’s bodices and neckbones. 


10. The Wedding Suit

Can a pantsuit still be romantic? The answer is yes, definitely. When brides are getting bored with classic and basic wedding dresses. Wedding suit brings a power to brides who loves showcasing their strong personality, but still bringing romantic vibe. 

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Suzy Nguyen

Suzy Nguyen


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