Top Hair Trends in 2023 – 16 Hairstyles That Dominate in 2023

Top Hair Trends in 2023 – 16 Hairstyles That Dominate in 2023

Top Hair Trends in 2023 – 16 Hairstyles That Dominate in 2023

If the past couple years have been focused on embracing natural texture and no-fuss hairstyles, 2023 so far has proven to be all that and a little something extra. There are a few moths left to a new year, but it’s never too late to switch up your look this year. Here are the Top 16 Hair Trends in 2023 that you will see everywhere throughout the year!


1. Chin-Length Bob 

This hairstyle has been around for long time but is still very popular and trendy in 2023. This bob length works with almost all face shapes, but it flatters narrow faces the most. It’s is great for people who want to show off a strong jawline and cheekbones.


2. Curtain Bangs

Looking for trendy ways to jazz up your hair? Curtain bangs is the way to go! This hairstyle is an all-time favorite of hairdressers, from short to long hair, from thin to thick hair. Curtain bangs suit all face shapes.


3. Sleek &  Snatched

There’s something about glam, poker straight styles against a carefree summer backdrop that just feels so slick. This sleek and snatched hairstyle definitely be a vibe for this summer and in the top hair trends in 2023.


4. Mermaid Lengths

After The Little Mermaid movie, this mermaid lengths hairstyle has definitely hit our shores and the mermaidcore aesthetic is everywhere. It looks amazing in any style whether it’s waved, braided, crimped or super straight. 



5. Textured Fringe Bob

Classic shag, this hairstyle plays up all the texture with layers and thick curtain bangs, showing off the cheekbones and jawline while hiding your least favorite area on your face with the thick bangs. 


6. Messy bedhead

Bedhead hair feels like a shag’s “natural environment.” A little messy, slightly wavy, head-turning perfection. Add a few flat iron waves around your face and crown to emulate this look at home.


7. Fringed Short Curls

If you love curls, you must have this hairstyle for 2023. Layers can give so much life to curls, especially for short cuts. Adding a bit of American-African vibe to this summer, this hairstyle will steal envious looks everywhere you go.


8. The Mullet

The mullet hairstyle is back this 2023 and is a hot hair trend worth trying! Wanna be a cool girl? Wanna stand out from the crowd? You definitely need to try this “business in the front, party in the back” hair cut. 


9. Finger Waves

Chic and classy, finger waves are part of African hairstyles and have been around for a long time, since the late ‘40s to early ‘50s, but it never disappoints and still one of the trendy hairstyles at all time.


10. Pixie

The 2023 pixie cut is still practical and sassy, and being used by most celebrities at least once. This style has never been out of fashion. It’s like all the classics that time has turned into iconic cuts, always trendy and timeless.  


11. Side Part

Parted way off to the side and hanging in the face, which was another major trend on the spring 2023 runways.


12. Wet look

Wet look hairstyle is the easiest, most sultry style trend of 2023. You can be ultra-edgy, cool, or beach sexy at the same time with this hairstyle, despite any hair length.


13. French Bob

French bob is a haircut so worth trying this year. Even it has been around for long time, this hairstyle is still one of the top hair trends in 2023. In fact, it is amongst the trendiest bob hairstyles at all time. This hairstyle creates a fuller, thicker and shorter hair to showcase your jawline and cheekbone. Will a French bob look good on you? Absolutely! Check out these pictures for some inspo.


14. Soft A-Line Bob

If you want to hide your face’s side, A-line bob is perfect for you! This bob is slightly longer in the front than the back and it helps elongating and flattering oval and round face shapes to no end.


15. Butterfly


A butterfly cut is indeed one of the best trending hairstyles to try in 2023. This butterfly haircut works for all hair types, textures and lengths. It gives layers a fresh, modern look that reminds us of a certain haircut from our favorite ‘90s sitcom.


16.  Messy Bun

Are you sick of your long hair getting in the way of your daily life? Or, perhaps your hairdresser cut your hair slightly shorter than expected and you’re not sure how to style your new bob? Don’t worry, a messy bun will ensure you always look gorgeous and it is still very trendy and in the top hair trends in 2023. What is amazing is this hairstyle is so easy-to-achieve and takes under 5 minutes to do.


We hope you enjoy reading our Top Hair Trends in 2023. Stay tuned and check out the Top 10 TikTok Makeup Trends for 2023 for the viral TikTok makeup trends!


Suzy Nguyen

Suzy Nguyen


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