Sydney’s Best Hairdressers – With John Krogh taking out our Number 1 Spot!

Sydney’s Best Hairdressers – With John Krogh taking out our Number 1 Spot!

Sydney’s Best Hairdressers – With John Krogh taking out our Number 1 Spot!

Here at Beauty News we have reviewed the best hairdressers in Sydney to bring you our stellar top 5 selection.

In the vibrant tapestry of Sydney’s bustling beauty scene, finding the perfect hairdresser can be a challenge. Whether you’reooking for a daring new look, a subtle refresh, or simply seeking out expert advice, Sydney boasts an array of top-tier hairdressers to suit every hair whim. Here’s our top 5 list of the city’s finest hair artisans, each renowned for their unique expertise and stellar level of service.

To start off our top 5 hairdressers is John Krogh from Double Bay whose skill and sheer talent made him an obvious choice as our Number 1!

John Krogh at Double Bay
Master of Hair Extensions and Blonde Brilliance

Tucked away in the chic enclave of Double Bay, John Krogh reigns supreme as Sydney’s go-to guru for handmade hair extensions and bespoke blonde transformations. With an unparalleled eye for detail and a passion for perfection, John crafts stunning hair masterpieces that seamlessly blend artistry with his own unique style. Renowned for his precision techniques and impeccable customer service, a visit to John Krogh guarantees a head-turning, Instagram-worthy mane that exudes confidence and sophistication.

Starting in 1985, John has spent the past 35 years earning his reputation as the best of the best. Known as the Master of Hair Extensions and Blonde Colour, John’s unique skillset doesn’t stop there. His ability to achieve chic cuts that are not only on trend but also defy what many would believe to be possible, has given him an unparalleled name in the industry.  It’s no wonder that many loyal members of John’s clientele have been with him for decades.

Hairdresser to Sydney’s elite, John Krogh has done everything from TV and movies, to celebrity shoots and catwalk model makeovers, there is pretty much nothing this talented hairdresser has not achieved.

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Stevie English Hair

Stevie English Hair emerges as a beacon of creativity and innovation in Sydney’s hair scene. Led by the eponymous Stevie English, this salon cultivates a culture of bold experimentation and boundary-pushing styles. From edgy cuts to vibrant colors, Stevie English Hair thrives on pushing the envelope and delivering hair transformations that defy expectations.

Pierre Haddad Hair

Pierre Haddad was an award-winning hairdresser, beginning his dedicated, enthusiastic career in the hair industry in 1990 and building on years of experience in upmarket salons. Pierre’s unwavering commitment to exceptional customer service has permeated throughout his entire salon team. At Pierre Haddad Hair Salon in Sydney, the team is wholly devoted to providing top-tier hair services and stylistic brilliance within a serene and welcoming environment, a hallmark of Pierre’s enduring legacy.


Synonymous with style and sophistication, EdwardsAndCo stands as a beacon of excellence in the Sydney hair scene. Boasting a team of trendsetting stylists and colorists, this salon is at the forefront of hair fashion, constantly pushing boundaries and setting new trends. With a commitment to personalised service and unparalleled craftsmanship, Edwards and Co ensures that every client leaves feeling runway-ready and utterly chic.

Que Colour

Embracing a holistic approach to beauty, Que Hair distinguishes itself as a trailblazer in sustainable hairdressing practices. With a focus on eco-friendly products and cruelty-free techniques, this salon combines conscious beauty with uncompromising style. From chic cuts to eco-conscious colour treatments, Que Hair offers a guilt-free indulgence that leaves both clients and the planet looking and feeling beautiful.


In a city as diverse and dynamic as Sydney, the quest for the perfect hairdresser can be extremely difficult, but a bad hair-do can be more than a pain to try and fix. In Sydney, the way you look is becoming more and more important and finding the best hairdresser to suit your individual style is now easier than ever with our top 5 hairdressers in Sydney selection. Whether you’re seeking a glamorous makeover or a subtle change to your hairstyle, these top-notch hairdressers promise an unmatched experience of luxury, style, and impeccable attention to detail. So why wait? Check out Sydney’s best hairdressers and unlock the secret to perfect hair today.


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