The Best and Worst Looks of the 2019 AMA’s Red Carpet

The Best and Worst Looks of the 2019 AMA’s Red Carpet

The Best and Worst Looks of the 2019 AMA’s Red Carpet

The American Music Awards are upon us once again, with this 2019’s carpet offering us another year of of glamorous, star-studded looks, as well as an always promised couple of well-intentioned celebs whose ‘daring’ looks leave us questioning whether they walked in front of a mirror before being ushered onto the carpet. Join me as I critique a couple of my choice best and worst looks from this year’s AMA’s carpet, while I sit comfortably in an oversized tee and jeans that I definitely spilt my lunch on more than once today. I am still awaiting my call of a job offer from Fashion Police.


Taylor Swift 

While I’ve seen many publications applauding Swift for her red carpet look this year – can I be the first to say I’m not feeling it? Like at all? I think this colour looks beautiful on our girl, but what in God’s mullet is happening with the cut of this dress?! On the one hand, we have the chic short cut of the dress that in my (so ever highly esteemed) opinion would have been perfect with these black high boots … and then it seems like the designer decided they still had too much of the fabric left over, and just re-draped the dress and hung it from Tay’s shoulder and waist, making it look like a curtain that you’ve tried to pull open that’s gotten half caught in the window.


Lil Nas X

I have two words. YAS. KING. Lil Nas is serving the Stabilo Neon Green Highlighter look of our dreams. His shoes literally look like two twin highlighters and I could not be more here for this look. Lil Nas once again pulls off an incredible risk of an outfit that, let’s be honest, only he can.



The truth don’t hurt today, and the truth of the matter is, Lizzo looks damn good in this fit. The hair, the dress, I am living. While I would’ve chosen a different coloured heel, this outfit is ultimately slaying. Also, what I really need to know is what kind of compact Lizzo uses that is fitting in that damn hand bag.


Camilla Cabello

I quite like this. Camilla is serving us forest nymph meets woodland Elsa vibes and I’m digging it. While the train is a little lacklustre – it probably should’ve been more grand or not there at all, rather than hanging off the back of the dress like a limp tail, ultimately our little señorita is working this lewk.


Selena Gomez

Mmm I don’t hate this at all, Sel is looking quite cute, things are matching, makeup and jewellery are all matching and nothing is glaringly bad … I’m just a little bored. The gathering at the front of the dress is questionable, however the dress would have arguably been more bland without the pop in the front, and all in all this is no where near the worst look of the evening.



If Caesar’s Palace had a gift shop where they sold novelty robes made out of their signature carpet patterns, this is much what I imagine those robes would look like.


Pete Wentz

Pete looks like someone’s dad whose been asked to chaperone at the school dance and is taking his duties very seriously. While this look is about as boring as it gets, we gotta applaud the man for trying – he’s a veteran of these shows after all! Points for effort Petey!



An ethereal beauty. While I’m not usually a fan of the ruffle … or floral prints for that matter … Halsey looks drop dead gorgeous in this look. And that shadow does all the more to compliment the ensemble, elevating it from pretty to show-stopping. I probably would’ve opted for a less diaper-esque undergarment, but this doesn’t retract much from the overrall look – so points to Halsey for keeping it comfortable and chic!


Dua Lipa

I really want to like this look. I do. The hot pink and black combo is straight from Barbie’s 80’s dream carpet look book – but I cannot look past the fat velvet bow plonked onto the side cinch of the dress. It looks like poor Dua’s walked past someone’s table mid-ceremony and accidentally picked up a discarded scarf or cropped cardi on the side of her dress along the way. These shoes are to DIE for though.


Shawn Mendes

Eh, I know we can never expect too much from the dude’s carpet looks, and its unmistakeable that Shawn looks as handsome as ever. However, this look is ultimately safer than a bomb shelter in a hail storm and I’m extremely bored.


Billie Eilish

I’m sorry, this girl can do no wrong in my eyes and has once again served as a chic Bvlgari beekeeper beauty. I’m always astounded by Billie’s ability to completely own whatever look she chooses to rock, and this is no exception.


Christina Aguilera

What in holy hell am I looking at?? Is it bad that I’m finding that god awful eyesore of a belt as the biggest faux pas of this entire outfit?? Much like Xtina’s career, that thing belongs all the way back in the naughties. Ok … that may have been harsh, but so is having to look at this outfit. On the plus side, had it of rained, the water would have slid right off those colourbond weather shield looking shoulder pads.


Isabella Klindo


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