Dare To…an Australian success story

Dare To…an Australian success story

Dare To…an Australian success story

The Dare To….Australia website and products are fast becoming Australian icons and a great option for natural, organic skincare. We had the opportunity to chat with Debbie Burches, owner and founder of the new brand to find out how she turned her dream into a reality and what it’s like being a small business owner in the current Covid climate.

What inspired you to start a business in skincare?

My love affair with beauty products began way back when I managed the cosmetic & beauty counter at a large department store in London. In my late teens I started to suffer with Psoriasis which meant an endless supply of coal tar & chemical based creams, I dreamt that one day I would be able to use something that smelled amazing.

What influenced you to work with only natural and organic products?

With my skin condition at the forefront of all the formulations I knew ‘natural’ was a must and set about learning, attending workshops & working with a formulator with extensive knowledge in the beauty industry so, after much sampling and testing, the Native Botanical Range came to be.

What are your most loved and recommended products? 

My most loved and recommended products have to be the Moisture Rich Hand Cream, along with the CoQ10 face oil. My personal favourites are the Exfoliating Sugar Scrub and the C25 Serum, which I use everyday, morning and night. Oh and not forgetting my antibacterial products flying out the door!

How do you market your business? How do people know about your products?

Well, aside from my wholesale clients, my online retail store, and facebook/insta adds, I love to get out and meet my clientele. During 2019 I travelled around different states in Australia with The High Tea experience. I held these experiences at various luxury hotels where ladies could dress up and get spoilt for the day. It included a fashion show, high tea, pampering stations, shopping and of course BUBBLES! Unfortunately I’ve had to pause these due to Covid, but hopefully it can resume later in the year.

Why do customers choose you over your competitors?

Customers love that we are Australian made, cruelty free, and use local ingredients. Especially when wholesale clients are vegan friendly. They also love the recyclable packaging. I also keep the price points affordable, while still using natural ingredients, which allows customers to make the switch from mainstream products.

Where do you see Dare To… in five years? 

Five years from now, Dare To…Australia will be available to a wider audience overseas. It would be remiss of me to not let the outside world experience the wonders of our home grown native ingredients! I would also like to see my men’s range expand within Australia. 

What are the biggest speed humps you’ve faced in this journey? How did you overcome them?

Biggest speed humps, gee where to start! Sales and marketing was a biggy. Getting products in front of the relevant people in a rapidly growing sector, you just have to keep plugging away and be confident in your products. Eventually, someone somewhere will pick up your product, use it and think, WOW! As a small boutique, business competing is never easy. But if you can get in front of your users, so they can see, smell, and try them, it sure helps. 

Where did the name Dare To… come from? 

I began to realise my dream for developing a natural product in 2016. But unfortunately, my first attempt didn’t go to plan. I learnt an important life lesson, that it’s not always wise to let others in to influence or take over your dream. So I picked myself up from what was a huge and expensive disappointment, and “I dared” to continue my dream, hence Dare To…Australia was born in early 2018. 

What is the best feedback you’ve had from a client?

One of my earliest reviews, that made me do a happy dance, was from a lady with sensitive skin, Angie. 

She wrote:  “My Skin felt amazing after I tried the sugar scrub and hand cream. It was so moisturising and my skin felt so soft for such a long time after. The fragrance of the Aussie bush emanated from all the Dare To… products. AMAZING!”

Wow Debbie, you are a true inspiration! We at Beauty news love the success stories and love supporting these homegrown businesses to thrive!

If you’d like to check out Dare To…Australia for all the latest natural goodies, just visit their website here <3




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