Best Wedding Ring Jewellers in Sydney

Best Wedding Ring Jewellers in Sydney

Best Wedding Ring Jewellers in Sydney

There’s never been a symbol of love as everlasting as a wedding ring. They’re an eternal reminder of you and your loved one’s special day. So, it’s important to choose the right wedding that will last the journey. That’s why at Beauty News, we’re presenting you with the Best Wedding Ring Jewellers in Sydney!


Midas Jewellery

1. Midas Jewellery

Right at the top our list, we have the masters of wedding rings themselves: Midas Jewellery

This fantastic jeweller offers every type of design. From striking vintage inspired pieces to classical traditional designs, to sleek modern creations, Midas has it all.

With generations of experience and exceptional craftsmanship, they specialises in women’s rings, men’s rings and even couple’s rings.

And that’s not all! Midas are more than willing to help you customise the perfect ring for you. From changing the design to the colour of the band, to resizing, they’ll do everything for you.

You can check out their website for a quick browse of some of their immaculate designs. However, with such an extensive range, it’s best to visit them in person.

Midas Jewellery will always treat you with utmost care and respect. Their customer service comes with great responsiveness and unparalleled efficiency every time. Moreover, Midas Jewellery is remarkably knowledgable, friendly and incredible at their craft – so you can’t go wrong.



best wedding ring jewellers in sydney

2. Larsen Jewellers

Located in the heart of Sydney’s CBD, Larsen Jewellers provides a service like no other.

Larsen comes equipped with experienced jewellers. They’ll take your ideas on board and provide knowledge, guidance and advice throughout the process. They’ll help you design and select your perfect wedding ring with a service marked by integrity, transparency and inclusiveness.

Customers have been raving about their fantastic team for years. Their process is exceptionally easy, bringing you stunning rings that exceed expectations every time!

Larsen offers a wide range of bespoke wedding bands that will capture your individual style and match your engagement ring perfectly. Their extensive range comes in yellow gold, platinum, rose gold and white gold. In fact, all of their gold is approved by Fair trade – and are one of the only licensed jewellers in Australia to offer this!



best wedding ring jewellers sydney

3. Anania Family Jewellers

Honouring our third spot on the list is a jeweller that has been in service for over 50 years!

Anania Family Jewellers first opened their doors in 1965 when founder Orfeo Anania realised his dream to design and create beautiful jewellery for the people of Sydney. Since then, the business has passed through another two generations, including Orfeo’s son, Ken, who joined in 1977. Ken is an accredited valuer with the National Council of Jewellery Valuers.

Anania specialises in hand crafted and custom made wedding rings of the highest quality and highest level of craftsmanship. In fact, everything is done in-house, so no outsourcing will ever compromise their impeccable eye for detail. But even with such superb product, they are forever willing and able to work within your budget.

Competitive prices aside, Anania goes above and beyond to provide excellent before and after sales service. Their jewellery repair and restoration available at all times. With fantastic customer service that has served generations, you’ll definitely want to pay them a visit on your journey to find the perfect wedding ring.


Jacque Fine Jewellery

4. Jacque’s Fine Jewellery

Located in the famous Dymocks Building in the heart of the CBD, Jacque’s Fine Jewellery has become something of an icon.

If its custom wedding rings you’re after, look no further than here!

Jacque’s vision is to create a personalised service each and every one of his clients, no matter how elaborate the piece may be. Priding himself on his impeccable craftsmanship with every piece, Jacque has a flawless attention to detail and extensive knowledge of diamonds.

An absolute gentleman, Jacque will cohesively mix your ideas with his own. Furthermore, Jacque has a knack for knowing exactly what suits you and what you’d like based on very little information. A true expert, indeed!

Even the most difficult of designs are met with confidence, where most other jewellers might hesitate or simply turn you away. Rather, Jacque’s welcomes the challenge, delivering spot-on designs every time.


Grew & Co

5. Grew & Co.

Coming in at the 4th spot is the ever innovative Grew & Co.

Founded in 2006 by Simon Grew, the brand is committed to creating jewellery that reflects each and every one of its clients.

Known for one-of-a-kind diamonds and gemstones, playful colours and a contemporary take on traditional forms, Grew & Co. are able to fuse traditional techniques with contemporary design to create modern classics with a distinctive feel.

Their highly skilled craftspeople are some of the most meticulous you’ll ever come across, using only the finest materials to create a rings that stand the test of time.

Grew & Co.’s signature band shape will ensure that your ring is durable, comfortable and beautiful, and will wear exceptionally well over time.

Adding remarkable customer service to the list, with excellent communication including virtual and phone appointments available, Grew & Co. are a sure safe bet on your quest to find the perfect wedding ring.

Temple & Grace

6. Temple & Grace

Established in 2015, Edgecliff locals Temple & Grace are fast becoming a popular brand. Their immaculate hand polishing and strong attention to detail form their distinct signature, with unique handcrafting that results in only the most luxurious wedding bands on offer – topped off with a silky smooth feel!

Temple & Grace offer over a thousand wedding bands and wedding rings sets, in addition to custom rings, so you can find exactly what you’re looking for!

On top of that, each and every ring is made from handpicked GIA certified diamonds, ensuring incomparable quality.

As a finishing touch, Temple & Grace will send a video to you of your wedding ring being made – how exciting! They are currently the only Australian store to offer this service.

A safer option for the more budget-conscious buyer, Temple & Grace guarantee savings of up to 40% when compared to high-street jewellers, with a 365 day full-price buyback guarantee – a first for the industry.



Moi Moi Fine Jewellery

7. Moi Moi Fine Jewellery

Located in Sydney’s iconic Queen Victoria Building, family-run business Moi Moi are proud pioneers of created jewels for fine jewellery.

Their lab-grown diamonds offer a better proposition for diamond lovers. Sharing the same gemmological properties as mined diamonds but at the fraction of the cost, shoppers can save up to 50%. This makes it an appealing alternative for those on a tighter budget.

Moi Moi’s wonderful selection includes both pre-made and custom made lab-grown diamond wedding bands, Moissante wedding rings, Men’s wedding rings – including everything from simple and classic brands to intricately patterned or engraved wedding rings -, white and pink lab-grown diamond wedding rings.

With over 16 years in service, Moi Moi stand by their values of trust, integrity and steadfast commitment to delivering excellence at all times.

With great communication throughout, this welcoming and friendly business offers thorough assistance to all customers to create a smooth and easy design and purchasing experience. They even do video consultations, which proved remarkably helpful during the pandemic!

✔ A big tick from us here at Beauty News!





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