What To Do On Valentine’s Day In Sydney

What To Do On Valentine’s Day In Sydney

What To Do On Valentine’s Day In Sydney

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, couples everywhere are planning the perfect date. While the pandemic may certainly have reduced a few options, there’s still so much on offer in Sydney. Take a look at our picks for the top 5 things to do on Valentine’s Day in Sydney.


1. Watch ‘The Notebook’ on the Big Outdoor Screen at Moonlight Cinema

what to do on valentine's day in sydney

For the old school romantics out there, nothing could be more quintessential than an outdoor movie experience. Moonlight Cinema in Centennial Park has you covered. They’ll be running a special screening of the romantic classic ‘The Notebook’, starring Ryan Gosling and Rachel Adams. And it’s super cheap, too! General Admission tickets are going at a breezy $20.

Grab a picnic blanket and some snacks and cuddle up with your loved one this Sunday for a sentimental outdoor experience like none other!


2. Indulge in a Luxurious Argentine Meal at Porteño


what to do on valentine's day in sydney

Located on Holt Street in Surry Hills, Porteño has a reputation for being one of the most luxurious food places this city has to offer.

Redefining the elegance of traditional Argentine feasts, Porteño takes slow-cooked meats to a whole new level. It’s the food of the gods. Each dish is made with so much love and perfection, some meals taking days to prepare for their forever-thrilled customers. You’ll never find better food out there, let alone customer service, with waiters all bow-tied up and ready to serve you like kings.

A low lit venue with romantic furnishings abound, it’s a little on the dearer side of things – but it’s well worth it.



3. Escape with your Lover at Escape Hunt


For the more adventurous, fun-loving couples looking for energy and excitement on this special day, look no further than Escape Hunt!

Located in the heart of the CBD, it’s a great idea for couples looking for a bit of a challenge. Known for providing Sydney’s most exciting escape room experience, you and your partner will put your problem-solving skills to the test as you navigate your way through a maze of rooms full of cryptic clues and other shenanigans, all while racing against a giant clock!

There couldn’t be a more awesome way for you and your partner to work together and bond in a whole new way! Thrills and laughter are guaranteed, so why not give it a shot? You know you want to.



4. Go Glamping on Cockatoo Island


Located smack-bang in the middle of Sydney Harbour, historical gem Cockatoo Island provides the perfect romantic setting for stunning 360 harbour views.

This UNESCO World Heritage Site offers a stunning range of activities that will keep you and your partner entertained for a whole a weekend, including audio tours, tennis, chess, kayaking and the famous Dog Leg Tunnel Cinema.

The island is full of brilliant sites and stunning visuals rooted in its deep national past, so bring a camera!

Hungry? The Marina Café & Bar is a great place for snacks, coffee and alcoholic beverages, while Societe Overboard has some great breakfast and lunch options.

With luxurious camping going for just $150 a night, it’s well worth it.



5. Observe the Stars on a Sydney Observatory Night Tour


Sydney Observatory already offers stunning sunset views of Sydney Harbour. Why not take it up a notch this Valentine’s Day with a spectacular tour of the universe above?

Take a peak through the amazing South Dome telescope and explore the night sky with telescopes located in the observatory’s beautiful courtyard. You’ll also have the pleasure of boosting your knowledge with the venue’s friendly astronomical experts, making it a fun and interactive experience for you and your significant other.

With stargazing, drinks, canapés and jazz music also on offer, Sydney Observatory is a true gem of the dating world. You’ve got to try it at least once, so why not give it a go this weekend?




J.A. Matsos


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