What’s Trending in Diamond Jewellery for 2021

What’s Trending in Diamond Jewellery for 2021

What’s Trending in Diamond Jewellery for 2021

With weddings and engagements postponed or scaled back, it’s the perfect excuse to splash out on your dream ring or diamond jewellery!  2021 has already seen unusual diamond cuts, traditional styles and bold statement pieces take centre stage.  It seems this is the year to indulge and experiment with your diamond jewellery! We spoke to our friends at Midas Jewellers who gave us some great insight into what’s trending in Diamond Jewellery for 2021.

Unusual Cuts

Unusual times call for unusual and unique diamond cuts.  We’ve seen more and more celebrities embracing unique shapes over traditional cuts.  We love this trend of embracing change and trying something different with diamond jewellery!

Rose-Cut Diamonds

It’s no surprise that Lily Collins opted for a rose-cut diamond engagement ring over a traditional pear or oval.  Her vintage vibe perfectly matches her rose-cut engagement ring!  Putting a modern twist on a classic cut, Collins simple ring oozes elegance and style.


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Oval Cuts

Who could say no to a $250,000 diamond engagement ring?  The recent engagement of model, Jasmine Tookes, saw oval-cut diamond rings surge in popularity on social media.  The massive ring features a 7-carat oval cut diamond, hidden halo and diamond-embellished prongs.  All set within an 18ct yellow gold band, there is nothing simple or paired back about this ring!

Emanuel, jeweller from Midas Jewellery said “the oval shape diamond engagement ring is trending right now. This particular shape has a lengthening effect making the finger look more slender whilst the length of the oval gives the appearance of a bigger diamond. Many celebrities have chosen oval for their engagement ring which has also helped to spark the growth in this style”


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Return to Tradition

In contrast to the emerging trend of unusual and unique diamond cuts, it seems some celebrities are opting for a more traditional look with their diamond jewellery.  Timeless and classic styles are always a safe bet with diamond jewellery, and will always be on trend!  Easy to pair with formal or casual looks, timeless pieces are making a comeback in 2021.

Timeless Style: 3-Stone Diamond Rings

More brides are opting for classic diamond designs over extravagant pieces.  Made popular by the elegant and timeless Meghan Markle, 3-stone diamond rings are trending amongst brides in 2021.  After all, who wouldn’t want to mimic Markle’s elegant and classic style?

We asked Rebecca from Midas Jewellery for some tips on what to look for when buying diamond jewellery. Rebecca replied “the most important thing to look at when choosing diamond jewellery is the quality of the diamond, as it influences the sparkle and brilliance of the diamond and the overall look of the jewellery piece itself”.

Toi et Moi

Even the name of this ring oozes style and elegance!  Ever since Ariana Grande’s recent engagement to her real-estate boyfriend, Dalton Gomez we have been drooling over her gorgeous ring.  The beautiful ring features an oval-shaped diamond set at an angle, with a pearl perched beside it.  There is a story behind this ring too; the pearl is supposedly from her grandfather’s tie pin!  We love engagement rings with sentimental value.  In a year where families have been separated and loved ones not able to see each other, sentimental pieces are all the more special!


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Tennis Bracelets and Necklaces

Tennis bracelets and necklaces have always been the cornerstone of elegance and style.  These are the perfect staples to add to your diamond jewellery collection and can be worn styled up or down.  These are pieces that once you put them on, you never take them off!  2021 has seen tennis bracelets and necklaces return to the spotlight.  Whether you prefer a modern spin on this classic, with circular shapes and coloured diamonds, or stick with the traditional tennis bracelet style, this is a piece you will have for life!

The tennis necklace is another trend to watch out for in 2021.  Worn as a choker, longer chain or even double-wrapped as a bracelet, the tennis necklace is another diamond jewellery staple.

Ernesto, head jeweller from Midas Parramatta, commented saying “tennis bracelets and necklaces have become one of the most popular choices for not only wedding day jewellery, but for every day wear. Diamonds have a rare beauty and sparkle and when you have a row of high quality diamonds set in a beautiful bracelet or necklace, it is simply breathtaking”.

Dripping Diamonds

If you haven’t watched The Crown yet, you’re seriously missing out!  Not only is this historical drama exciting and entertaining, the royal fashion moments are what make the show!  Of course the royal family can afford to be literally dripping in diamonds, but we have dubbed 2021 the year to treat yourself.  Maybe it’s time for a visit to the jewellery store?

From Princess Diana’s famous Collingwood pearl and diamond drop earrings to her golden, diamond encrusted butterfly earrings, her royal jewellery collection has been the envy of the world for years.  Thanks to shows like The Crown, Princess Diana’s classic jewellery style is making a comeback in the world of fashion!


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