8 of the cutest things grooms have done for their brides

8 of the cutest things grooms have done for their brides

8 of the cutest things grooms have done for their brides

They said ‘yes’ and there isn’t anything else their fiancés could possibly say or do to make them fall in love with them even more. Yet to these brides’ surprise, these grooms totally outdid themselves by going the extra mile. Most of these don’t take too much effort from the grooms but successfully widen their wife-to-be’s smile. Here are eight very cute things that grooms have done for their brides. Ladies get inspired and, fellas, take notes.

Recording The Proposal

With some good friends and great technology, it’s become so easy to record a proposal. One man kept it a secret from his fiancée that he had filmed getting down on one knee. He managed to keep the secret up until his wedding day, when he played the footage for his wife. This one takes a lot of willpower but works an absolute charm if pulled off well.

Surprise Proposal
Image Credit: Heather’s Glen

Secret Love Notes
It’s so high school, but so perfectly romantic. This groom organised with his partner’s bridesmaids to give her secret love notes throughout the day. There was one for when she woke up, when she got ready, and when she was about to enter the church.

Love Notes
Image Credit: East Coast Bride

Breakfast in Bed
Of all days you need some delicious brekky in bed, it’s going to be on the day you are most stressed – your wedding day. One groom picked up on that and provided his partner in crime with this love-themed breakfast to kickstart their special day.

Breakfast In Bed
Image Credit: Love Magazine

Sole Mates
This has been done a few times but couldn’t be any more adorable. Writing messages on the soles of her heels is super cute and something she’ll cherish forever.

Image Credit: OneWed

Extra Extra!
This couple went a little extra, by photographing their wedding rings with a newspaper from the day of their wedding.

Image Credit: Ashley Bartoletti

Food Delivery
Food may be the way to a man’s heart but there’s no saying it isn’t the way to a woman’s too. Grooms have organised for their bride and her bridal party to be delivered food from their favourite restaurant.

Pizza Wedding
Image Credit: Tumblr

Game of Garter, anyone?
This is a great idea for all you sports lovers. One groom wrapped his wife’s garter around a football to throw.

Image Credit: Amy Harrington

Who doesn’t like fireworks, right? Especially when they’re a surprise organised by your groom on your wedding day.

Image Credit: Pinterest


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