7 wedding dress trends every 2017 bride should know

7 wedding dress trends every 2017 bride should know

7 wedding dress trends every 2017 bride should know

Finding the perfect wedding dress is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you should cherish forever. However, we know that there can be a lot of pressure to find ‘the one’, so we’ve made it easier by introducing you to the best styles of the season. You can pick which 2017 trends you love and hate to take the guesswork out of finding the right gown to drop jaws on your big day.

1. Bows

Over-sized bows were left, right and centre at bridal fashion shows this year and we’re certain they will be making bold appearances at weddings throughout 2017. Incorporating a bow into your dress can add a little drama for a more memorable style.

wedding dress
Andie by Carolina Herrera

2. Bridal Capes

Veils are being replaced by bridal capes that add dimension to the dress without looking too cluttered. A transparent capelet exposes all the details in your dress with a more modern feel. Also, it makes for a quick outfit change in the middle of your big day by simply taking the cape off.

wedding dress
Elsa by Mira Zwillinger

3. The “Dipped” V Neckline

This is the perfect balance of sweet and sexy to show off your feminine curves while remaining classy. A subtle deep-V can add the right amount of style to a simple dress.

wedding dress
Paisley by Christos

4. Blush-Coloured

Blush is the new white this season. Many brides are opting for blush-coloured dresses over traditional white ones. Shades of pink were seen all over the runway in 2016 and will be perfect for your 2017 marriage ceremony. The pink hues make for a very pretty bride.

wedding dress
Romona Keveza

5. High Collars

For those brides that are more of an old soul, high collar ensembles are beautifully elegant and replicate a royal wedding. High collar dresses are very flattering for many figures, and suitable for the brides who want a timeless look.

wedding dress
Legends Romona Keveza

6. C0-ordinates

Brides are really pushing the conventional wedding dress boundaries this season, with two-pieces becoming very popular. The right cropped top partnered with a gorgeous skirt can achieve a sophisticated look with boho vibes.

wedding dress
Marlena by Theia

7. Bridal Suits

This is becoming more and more common amongst ladies walking down the aisle. White pants matched with fitted blazers were seen all over the runway, for brides that want a more trendy and casual wedding look.

wedding dress

Adelaide Lang


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