How to Overcome Loneliness Living The Digital Nomad Lifestyle

How to Overcome Loneliness Living The Digital Nomad Lifestyle


Studies show that more and more of us are choosing to work remotely, and within that many are choosing to travel the world at the same time. Great choice!


Whilst there’s no argument about the fact that the digital nomad life offers fantastic opportunities to see the world, experience cultures and really grab life by the shoulders (the politest way we could put it), there is one downside – loneliness.


Travelling and working can be lonely. If you’ve been used to working within a large and busy office or retail environment, you will have had colleagues with you every day. This means you will have struck up friendships with some of these, and you might have struck up a distinct dislike for the others; either way, you had companions. When you have everyone and you suddenly have no-one, the shock can be quite difficult to handle; when you throw in a new location and possibly a new language, it can become a difficult situation, for sure.


The good news is that digital nomads around the world are a pretty friendly bunch, and it’s quite easy to make friends and acquaintances on the go – much easier than you might think. For those of you who may be considering the digital nomad life, planning to head off and see the world whilst earning some cash, or maybe you’re already in the middle of it, let’s check out some ways you can sidestep loneliness on the road.


Use Social Media

You might be surprised to learn that there are several digital nomad groups on social media, some for girls, some for boys, and some for both! These are very friendly boards which allow jobs to be advertised, meetups, advice and questions, and people who simply want to chat with other like-minded people Use these boards and see who is around your location at the same time – you never know who you might meet! Of course, be cautious at all times, but in terms of battling loneliness, these types of social media get-togethers are a great choice.


Head to Co-Working Spaces

The single best place to meet other digital nomads, get some work done, and do a spot of networking. Co-working spaces do have a small cost attached to them, but this is minimal and you get all the facilities and comfort you need for a day’s work. Of course, there will be other remote workers in that space at the same time as you, and there is always somewhere to head for coffee – a great conversation starter!


Try Retreats

You’ll find digital nomad retreats advertised on social media board, at co-working spaces, etc, so make sure you head to one or two and see who you meet. If you don’t meet new friends, so what, at least you had an experience, and you may even have learnt something new for your budding travelling business. You could also think about yoga retreats as a way to meet people too.


Talk to People!

Don’t be shy – most people are just waiting for someone else to approach them first! Compliments are great conversation starters, so something like ‘I love your laptop’. Alternatively, why not try asking for advice, particularly in a co-working space; something like ‘I’ve just arrived and I’m not sure where is good for coffee?’, that starts the conversation and might even bag you a coffee friend! Just talk, even if it doesn’t work, your confidence will grow regardless.


Group Tours Are a Great Idea

Excursions and group tours are another fantastic way to meet other people, and you can almost guarantee that you’ll meet another digital nomad or two. From a safety point of view, these tours are ideal for areas of the world where visiting certain sights can be difficult individually, and you’ll normally get the expert help and advice of a guide too, which enhances your entire experience. Whilst you’re travelling to the sight, at it, or on the way back, you’re sure to strike up conversations.


These methods are ideal for batting away on the road loneliness and helping you to meet new people during your digital nomad adventures. Try them out and see how many new social media friends you have at the end of your current trip!



Nicola Curtis


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