Wash Your Hair Just Once Per Week And Get Away With it!

Wash Your Hair Just Once Per Week And Get Away With it!


We’re constantly being told that we shouldn’t wash our hair too often, because regularly washing strips the hair’s natural oils. The problem is, if we don’t wash our hair, we have a tendency to walk around with hair resembling a bird’s nest after a few days. It’s one of beauty’s most confusing challenges!


What if we were to tell you that it’s entirely possible to only wash your hair once per week, and have a new style every day in-between? It’s true! You also get to save cash on expensive hair products, which is always a bonus.


Here’s how you do it.


Day 1 – Wash Your Hair Well With a High-Quality Cleansing Shampoo

Investing in a good-quality shampoo every so often isn’t a huge detriment to your finances, and it will serve you well to stick to a quality brand for your once per week washing endeavours. Make sure you opt for a product which suits your hair type, and it might also be a good idea to do a hair mask too. This will hydrate your hair and make your one wash routine last longer.


Day 2 – Early Days Protection

You had gorgeous hair yesterday but today it’s looking a little frizzy from your morning shower. First tip – wear a shower cap when you go in the shower to avoid condensation causing frizz. Secondly, try using a conditioning spray around the ends, just to freshen things up. Keep the spray light however; if you overdo it now you’re going to end up with a grease slick in a few days.


Day 3 – Go Curly For Extra Volume

Two days in and you’ll probably have slight flat hair, thanks to two nights of sleeping on it! In this case, it’s time to grab your curlers. Separate your hair into four sections and use a large barrel curl from top to bottom. This will lift the roots and give you much need day three volume. You can also sleep with a silk or stain wrap around your hair to keep your new style lasting a little longer.


Day 4 – Change Your Parting

If you need a boost of freshness on day 4, try changing where you have your natural parting. For instance, if it’s normally in the middle, go for a side parting, or simply change sides. Spritz your hair with a little dry shampoo at this point too, to battle any slight grease build up you might be getting around the roots.


Day 5 – Dry Shampoo is Your Friend

On day 5 you’re going to need to go for dry shampoo in larger amounts than yesterday, so make sure you give it a liberal spray, distributing evenly around the root. Once you’ve done that, give it a brush to get rid of any excess build up.


Days 6 and 7 – Get Creative

On the final two days before you can wash your hair once more, you need to be a little creative with the style you go for. A French plait is a great way to keep heavy-feeling hair away from your face, and also a very clever trick for hiding a slight grease build up too. You could also use a bun, a high ponytail, or any other creative trick you feel like trying – your hair is far more likely to stay ‘up’ at this point, rather than when it’s just been washed.


Now do you believe us? When you wash your hair again it will feel amazing – completely light and fresh, and you’ll be doing your mane a favour by keeping those nourishing natural oils where they’re supposed to be.



Nicola Curtis


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