Halloween Inspo From Your Fav Shows and Movies

Halloween Inspo From Your Fav Shows and Movies

Halloween Inspo From Your Fav Shows and Movies

We all know the classic Halloween costumes, such as witches, mummies, etc. But with so many good inspiration around us, why don’t we try out something else?

Here are some costume ideas from your fav shows and movies.

To All the Boys I Loved: Lara Jean Covey

It’s not solely Noah Centineo that captured our hearts, but the outfits sported by our leading lady were fabulous too. Pair a cute sweater and button down with some killer booties. Next, put your hair up in ponytail and add some wispy lashes with a bit of gloss on the lips. As a finishing touch, lug around a pair of letters à la Lara Jean Covey. You could even address them to certain people– keep a good hold on them though.

The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Kimmy Schmidt

With the final season ending in 2019, we can’t help but pay a homage to the awesome Netflix show. Combine a floral top and pink pants with yellow cardigan that should actually not even be allowed to be sold.

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Source: Netflix


The Women of GLOW

You might need a cup of confidence for this outfit, but if you’re channeling your inner pro-wrestler (we all have one) this outfit will smash everyone out of the ring. Get a bathing suit, preferably one that’s either brightly coloured or all shiny and glittery. You might even combine both. Slip on some tacky leg warmers, and throw in a headband or two. Don’t forget to tease and tease your hair until it’s fluffed up.

The Nun

The Ring: Samara

This character could actually also be considered a classic, but because the outfit will be so creepy I’ve added it on this list anyway.

First, flatten your eyebrows with the help of a glue stick. Wait until it’s fully dry before adding some off-white greasepaint all over your face. Add in some dark circles and deepen any wrinkles. Put on a long black wig and a dirtied white dress.

Pulp Fiction: Mia Wallace

Uma Thurman’s acting and outfits were both on point in Tarantino’s masterpiece, so we can’t just not mention it.

Put on a simple white button down with black slacks and get a black bob with bangs. For makeup, choose your favourite red lipstick and black eyeliner. Add a cigarette in your hand as a final touch– don’t smoke it though.

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Source: Miramax Films

Grease: Sandy

Name a more iconic 70’s movie. The movie that hit its 40th year last June, gave us the infamous “bad girl Sandy”-look. Squeeze yourself in tight black leather pants, and put on a black off shoulder top. Curl your hair, flip it to one side and pin it.

Cher and Dionne from Clueless 

If you’ve been following the latest 90’s trend, you might already have an outfit ready. Slip on a matching plaid skirt and jacket, preferably yellow or black. Add a white shirt, yellow or red cardigan and you’re good to go.

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Source: Paramount Pictures


It’s one of our favourite shows on TV, so why wouldn’t it be on this list? With this show, you can opt for different looks. Channel your inner River Vixen by either putting on their performance or practice outfits.

Or go for OG Veronica and Betty, who wore 50’s inspired outfits last season.

Now you can go trick and treatin’ in a fabulous outfit and be (kind of) original. Let’s hope for some more variety apart from the sexy witch and sexy nurse outfits.

Stay tuned for some more Beauty News!

Marian Van Reesch

Marian Van Reesch


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