Nail Trends To Try This Spring

Nail Trends To Try This Spring

Nail Trends To Try This Spring

Spring is in the air, and with that comes amping up your winter nudes and reds into something more creative! What’s better than getting the buzziest nail art inspo trends from other parts of the world?

If you’re not a fan of jelly nails or dried flowers, fear not! We’ve got the biggest trends bubbling up on Pinterest from around the globe that are going to be everywhere this season. From Germany’s spike in baby boomer nails (french ombre) to the UK seeking something more simple, you’d be sure to find plenty of inspiration for your next appointment!



Think ombre nails are totally last year? That’s not the case, people are still searching for them in the US. Factually, searches are up 88% meaning people aren’t bored of the fun colour combos yet.


Baby Boomer

When the term baby boomer nails was coined, a modern take on the classic French mani went up 172% in searches.



It’s simple, but nothing beats a glossy red mani. Why not jazz it up cute little accents next time?


Nail Stickers

Who says cute nail art always has to be difficult? Brazilians are loving the simplicity of using nail stickers to create intricate designs.



Apparently us Aussies are loving marble at the moment, the intricate designs look so chic!



There are few things in life prettier than Japanese nail art. The reason it’s so beautiful and intricate? The use of nuance nails. With a 55% increase on Pinterest, the inspiration possibilities are endless.

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Spain is injecting colour, and lots of it, back into their manicures. Up 239%, this proves that you don’t always need to struggle in choosing just one colour in the salon.




With a 102% increase, South Africa is all about the glitter and with the endless colour choices, it’s a trend that isn’t going out of popularity anytime soon.



Although colour and glitter are always on trend, sometimes you might just fancy keeping it simple with a neutral nail.

With all these options, what are you leaning towards for your next salon visit? Let us know by dropping a comment down below!

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Olivia Tartaro

Olivia Tartaro


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