The Skincare Routine A Guy Will Actually Use

The Skincare Routine A Guy Will Actually Use

The Skincare Routine A Guy Will Actually Use


I have a boyfriend and I find that his skin looks excessively oily and congested a lot. And because he is a boy, he doesn’t use any skincare because 1. He’s lazy, and 2. Why would he want to waste his time? So, I’ve gone on a quest to find a suitable routine for the average guy who wants to start looking after their face.


If there’s one brand I trust for me, it’s Go-To Skincare by Zoe Foster Blake. She has a “male” version of her best products, and if it’s good for Hamish Blake, it’s good for my boyfriend.

Bro-To’s Properly Clean is a foaming cleanser that nourishes the skin while removing the impurities from the day. Perfect to chuck in the shower so he incorporates it into his shower routine and bam – you’ve got a perfectly clean slate for the next products.

Bro-To Skincare – Properly Clean




Oh man, there’s something within me that just wants to squeeze the gunk out of his pores. But, y’know, he does NOT enjoy it like I do. So to help us both out, a glycolic toner works wonders. Glycolic acid helps to break down the clogged pores in a non invasive way. Perfect! To make it even better? These Stridex Wipes are already soaked into a pad, taking that one extra step away – perfect for the lazy guys.

Image result for stridex pads before and after pores
Stridex Maximum Strength Pads –




Now you’ve cleansed and toned, your natural oils may be lacking. But never fear! We have moisturiser. In my personal experience, guys tend to really hate moisturiser because it feels “oily.” What better way to stop that ‘oily’ feeling than with a water based moisturiser.

This Neutrogena moisturiser is a light-weight gel cream formula with Hyaluronic acid and Olive extracts to lift your moisture levels resulting in soft and supple skin.

Image result for neutrogena water gel cream
Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel – Priceline




From this…. to THIS!

This step is SO important – SPF is the key step to reduce signs of aging. If your loved one is a tradie especially, get them to slather on the SPF. Or even if they walk to and from the office in sunlight, get them onto the SPF wagon. They will thank you later.

Again, guys tend to steer clear from anything that feels greasy – Mecca’s own To Save Face SPF products are perfect for that smooth and non-greasy protection.

To Save Face SPF 50+ – Mecca Maxima


Once you start… you won’t stop!

With dry skin, comes dry lips. Nothing the classic Nivea Lip Balm can’t fix. Don’t worry, boys, there’s no colour in it.

Now that he’s all set up and ready, I can’t wait to see the results! I bet it will be smooth, clear and supple skin. How dreamy.


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Olivia Tartaro

Olivia Tartaro


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