Sneaky Hacks To Burn Calories

Sneaky Hacks To Burn Calories

Sneaky Hacks To Burn Calories

Struggling to fit into your favourite pair of jeans? Can’t close your button without the chance of some major poppage? Work stressing you out ‘cause you can’t exercise, and exercise stressing you out ‘cause of work?

Don’t worry! Here are some of my favourite non-exercise ways of burning off those pieces of chocolate we all know we shouldn’t have eaten.

Clean your house

If you just vacuum, mop the floor or clean the windows for about 30 minutes you could already have burned 100 calories. The extra upside to this is that your house will be squeaky clean.

Take the stairs

Going down the stairs doesn’t really count, as it’s mostly gravity helping you reach the ground floor. However, if you’re going up the stairs you could burn up to 280 calories per 30 minutes. So, instead of taking the elevator next time, you’re better off going up the stairs.

Want to burn some extra calories? Skip a tred each time to put some extra tension on that quad.

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Play games

This one might seem a bit sketchy, but trust me! Why not try out Pokemon GO?

It’s a game that revolves around walking outside while catching virtual Pokemon that are scattered throughout the world. Best thing is, it’s completely free and at your phone. Now you have a real excuse to look on your phone while walking.

If you own a console, you could try out the game Just Dance. In this game you’re able to follow choreographies accompanied by popular songs you might know. You’ll get so fixed on getting a good score, you will work up quite a sweat (trust me, I know).

Or you know, just dance?

You don’t even need the game. Just have random dance breaks.

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Roam Around Ikea

The next time when you’re in Ikea, try following the arrows on the ground. The drawn path in Ikea is about 1 to 1,5 kilometres long. If you weigh around  60kgs and walk at an average speed, you could burn up to 60 kcal per kilometre. Also, if you diverge from the path to get some new decorations, you might burn some more. Hello new desk layout!

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Just Hold On a Minute

If you’re waiting for the traffic lights to turn green (it takes a while doesn’t it), you could try training your calves.

The way to do this is by simply pushing yourself up to your toes, quickly lifting yourself and slowly going back down. It might seem silly to others, but hey! You’re the one with trained calves in the summer right?

It doesn’t have to be at the traffic lights, you could do it while brushing your teeth, waiting in line for some coffee or when you’re forced to stand on the light rail (as always).

Hold Your Own Bags

The last one is my absolute favourite. So, if you’re about 60kgs and shop for one hour, you could burn up to 145 kcal. Drag it out to three hours and you’ll burn up to 420 kcal. This way your partner can’t blame you if you come back with ten shopping bags. Click the link here to know how much you should shop to burn that chocolate bar off.

So the next time you’re feeling guilty because you skipped the gym– again, try out one of these activities. I would definitely recommend the last one, you will work up a sweat AND be able to fit into those Levi’s you just bought.


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