What you are doing wrong when applying makeup

What you are doing wrong when applying makeup

What you are doing wrong when applying makeup

It’s hard to keep track of the many steps that come with applying makeup in order to achieve flawless coverage. This is where Aussie beauty blogger, Stephanie Lange comes in to save the day. With 600,00 YouTube subscribers, she noticed that there were many comments asking what the beauty dos and don’ts were. A few weeks ago, she made a video explaining the difference between what and what not to do.

Prep skin

If you are just applying concealer or foundation before moisturising or priming your skin, that is a big no-no because you are exposing your skin to harmful chemicals. You are pretty much just letting all that makeup soak up into your pores and dry your skin out which can cause a major breakout. The moisturiser and primer helps hydrate your skin and keep your foundation from setting into your pores.

Right shade

Simply blending your foundation into your neck because it is a darker shade will not work. Before buying the foundation you need to test the colours on your neck and wait a few minutes, then go directly into the light to see if it matches your complexion.

Note: You may need a different colour for winter and summer as your completion changes shade.

Don’t use your hands

Everything you are trying to cover up will not work if you are using your hands because the product will seep through your fingers rather than the desired area. Also, your fingers contain oils that when in contact with your skin can cause breakouts on your face. A brush or sponge is the best way to get that flawless finish. Using your hands defeats the purpose of moisturising because it has the same side effects as not doing it in the first place.

Stephanie Lange/YouTube

Contour correctly

Thanks to Kim Kardashian, contouring just about every part of your face as become a necessity in all of our beauty regimes. However, it’s important that if you are going to do it, you do it the right way. If your method is sucking in your cheeks and just putting it here and there, it will make you look like a skeleton. You need to be contouring in the right places so if you’re unsure, we recommend watching some makeup tutorials to understand the basics of contouring. It only takes 10 minutes to learn and will actually help you a ton in the future.

Wing your eyeliner

The art of the winged liner takes a lot practice to master but with dedication and the right technique it is definitely possible. The aim of the game is to get both sides identical but this will take time so just keep trying.

Note: Sometimes using sticky tape under your eyes can easily make a guide for your perfectly straight wing.


Stephanie Lange

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