Top 7 Hair Salons in Sydney

Top 7 Hair Salons in Sydney

Top 7 Hair Salons in Sydney

If you’re anything like the team here at Beauty News, you or someone you know most definitely botched their hair in 2020. Whether it was a DIY box-dye job, the reveal of freshly chopped bangs, or a 2007 Britney shave – we can all admit our post quarantine hair is in need of some serious TLC. Thankfully our hopes for luscious locks and cool cuts can be restored! We present to you, the Top 7 Hair Salons in Sydney. With mention of salons like Louka & Co and styling legends Pierre Haddad and Anthony Nadar.


7 Best Hairdressers in Sydney

1. Louka & Co

Coming in at the number one spot is premier hair salon, Louka and Co. Since its opening in 2012, this colour-specialised salon has grown a solid reputation for friendly service and expert hair design. They even boast hair stylists from around the world, leading to innovative and ahead-of-the-curve designs. Louka knows what you want before you do, offering unique looks that perfectly suit your face and personality. In her own words, a smile is more important than money. So you know she’s ready to make you look good.

Louka and Co is conveniently located in the heart of Sydney’s CBD. Even so, they manage to attract eager fans from as far as Melbourne returning for another unforgettable experience. In her near decade of service, Louka’s consistency has never waned, with more and more repeat customers hitting the 5 year mark of return visits. Some have been there right from the start. Louka’s strengths also include quick blow drys, finishing in under 45 minutes and yet still with that 5 star quality, as well as a proud selection of environmentally products which set them apart from other hair dressers.


2. Stevie English Hair

Coming in at number 2 is award-winning hair salon, Stevie English Hair. This hair salon was founded in 2007 and has since gone on to receive countless awards. It was the 2018 Australian Colourist winner, and has won over 15 national titles, more than 50 state titles and 3 business awards.

Stevie English is unmistakably renowned for its colouring, for which it has won the most awards. English boasts unusual choices from rainbow to orange, to blue and more. It is also the first salon in the world to use hue.verse colour, an Australian product that is ammonia-free.

Their products are also low in chemicals, eco-friendly, vegan and Australian made. Overall, the company is committed to being paperless, high in recycling, energy and water-saving. They also use low wattage fluorescent and natural light. Their trendy atmosphere and upbeat staff are reminiscent of London hair salons.


Top 7 Hair Salons Sydney

3. Edwards & Co.

Coming in at number 3 is another award-winning salon, Edwards & Co. Based in Surry Hills, this fast growing business now has locations in Melbourne, Byron Bay, Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

Known as the ‘home of future proof colour’, Edwards & Co. is renowned for its passionate staff who provide expert tips to customers on how to maintain their hair well after the job is done. Each stylist also specialises in their own niche market too, and are friendly and very easy to talk to. The salon itself is raw and minimal in design, with spacious and bright interiors, creating an overall wonderful hairdressing experience. Edwards & Co is also the home to some of Sydney’s biggest social media influencers, including the likes of Shani Grimmond, Cartia Mallan and Rowi Singh.

Edwards & Co. was the 2017 winner for Best Salon Design at the Australian Hair Industry Awards, and received the Best Salon Business Award at the Australian Hair Fashion Awards in 2017.


Top 7 Hair Salons Sydney

4. Raw

Coming in at number 4 is a hair salon that boasts almost too many awards to name. Raw is the brainchild of Fashion Week veteran Anthony Nader, who has worked backstage at fashion shoots around the world. Nader also holds a decade of experience in New York where he immersed himself in the editorial and advertising world of photoshoots that would shape his craft. Established in 1997, Raw is also the oldest hair salon on our list, and one of the most visited hair salons in Australia.

It’s no surprise, then, that Raw has been able to achieve so much critical acclaim. It has won NSW Hairdresser of the Year (2004), Australian Hairdresser of the Year (2006), Editorial Session Stylist of the Year (2008), and the Australian Masters Award (2010) by the Australian Hair Fashion Journal.

Raw takes pride in its high standards and attention to detail as well as an innovative spacial experience, which even includes a Relaxation Pod room!

Gritty Petty dubbed it “the most luxurious hair salon in Sydney”.


Top 7 Hair Salons Sydney

5. Que Hair

Coming in at number 5 is Darlinghurst’s darling Que. Founded by acclaimed Colour Director Monique Mahon, this salon has quickly grown a reputation for friendly staff, expert guidance and a strong knack for colour. They’re especially great with blondes!

They’re no amateurs, either. Que’s stylists have worked at renowned global events like Paris and New York fashion week, and editorial shoots with some of Australia’s leading styling teams.

Customers continue to be impressed with Que’s unique ability to make you feel at home. There is a feeling of family here, and stylists will communicate with you all the way. They will walk you through the styling process and offer great tips throughout.


6. Extra Silky

Based in Paddington, Extra Silky is a small boutique and one of Sydney’s best kept secrets. They pride themselves on creating innovative looks through a range of vibrant colours. They’ll have you looking amazing from the moment you leave the salon, with a versatility that will make you stand out amongst the crowd, but yet style at home with ease.

Founded by Nina Ratasphong, the salon has developed a reputation for inclusiveness and producing transformative cuts, earning them a growing list of repeat customers. With an open mind, the team at Extra Silky work collaboratively with clients from the initial consultation, right through to the cut and blow-dry to ensure they have you feeling confident and looking like your best self.


7. Pierre Haddad Hair

A hairdresser with over 30 years of experience, Pierre Haddad is a leader in the world of hair design. Providing his customers with the latest in hair trends since 2001, his reputation see’s him as a true veteran of the hairdressing scene.

In particular, Haddad is a renowned pioneer in the areas of reconditioning and hair extensions. He is the first hairdresser in Australia to bring thermal reconditioning to the country, straight from Japan, and introduced Guava Latino to us as well. Haddad also imports his own hair for extensions. Sourcing from regions around the world including Russia, India, Brazil, Spain and Peru.

Haddad prides his salon on stylistic excellence, using only the newest and most effective application techniques. With over 20 employees, Pierre Haddad Hair upholds superior customer service with a relaxed and comfortable salon atmosphere.


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