The best stress relieving activities

The best stress relieving activities

The best stress relieving activities

Whether it is from your upcoming final exams or it is just your boss giving you a hard time, try these simple activities to de-stress this winter. It is sometimes easier said than done but hopefully this list will bring a little resilience to the stressful conditions humans are placed in everyday. Doing these at least once or twice a week will seriously boost your confidence in approaching stressful conditions.


Something that will always work and make you refreshed is meditation. Deep breathing and the slowing down of your heart rate will help you concentrate better. The Art of Living have pointed out the many benefits of meditation being practiced on a weekly basis including:

  • More efficient use of you oxygen
  •  Clarity and a peace of mind
  • A balance of a sharp mind and expanded conscious
  • Improves your immune system

Keep a diary

Noting down your thoughts will always be an effective method particularly if you do not like discussing your issues with others. Writing your thoughts down can be just as liberating as it helps release any pressure in your head. Writing down your negative thoughts, crumpling it up and then throwing it in the bin can help you delete all the negative thoughts from your mind.

Read a good book

It is scientifically proven that reading helps reduce at least 68% of stress said Dr David Lewis, at the University of Sussex, United Kingdom. Dr Lewis commented in the study that people only need six minutes of reading to slow down the heart rate and ease tension in the muscles. Some of Amazons’s good reads include: A Man Called Ove, All The Light We Cannot See and Outliers: The Secret to Success.

Eat clean

Foods high in fibre, carbohydrate-rich meals and fruits/vegetables help your body deal with stress by reducing the heart rate and fighting body damaging toxins. Eating dark chocolate and strawberries is also a good relaxation method, helping to reduce stress hormones like cortisol. Food to avoid includes caffeine, sugar and high-fat foods. Fatty foods make the blood thicken and cause us to become sleepy and lethargic.

Take a bath

Use bubbles, listen to some soothing classical music and use a scented bath bomb to help. The warmth of the water and the fragrant bath will let you release your negative thoughts. If you find it difficult to clear your mind, try some breathing exercises and repeating a positive phrase.


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