The Hottest New Eco-Friendly Shower Products You Need To Get Ahold Of NOW!

The Hottest New Eco-Friendly Shower Products You Need To Get Ahold Of NOW!

The Hottest New Eco-Friendly Shower Products You Need To Get Ahold Of NOW!

A touch of Lush, without the plastic fuss! The well-known beauty brand Lush has just dropped an entirely new range of eco-friendly shower collections just in time for plastic-free July! Stark naked beauty products… um yes please!

The collection encompasses twelve package-free products for your head-to-toe showering needs ranging from body scrubs and body soaps to shower bombs, shower oils, shower gels and pressed conditioners. The arrange of products come in the cutest of shapes and colourful designs, making them absolutely irresistible and look almost edible!   

With products starting from as little as $6.95, these Lush collectables are a must have! The quality and organic richness of these products is remarkable. These self preserving goodies will achieve radiantly glowing skin.

This is not the first time the company has gained positive hype around their environmentally sustainable products and company values. They promote ethical buying and fighting against animal testing and develop all their products to be 100% vegetarian, handmade and now naked. Hence, consumers respond to the brand more positively than compared to their competitors.

The trend to go naked started for the company in 2018 when they opened the world’s first naked Lush shop in Milan. HOW AMAZING! Around 65% of all Lush’s all year round products are currently totally unpackaged and naked and the rest is on its way for Lush. 

Lush co-founder Mark Constantine said: “Packaging is rubbish and for too long we have had to suffer excessive amounts of it. Now that the true financial and environmental costs are becoming obvious, customers are challenging manufacturers and retailers to cut the wrap. Companies like ours need to think outside of the box and present customers with innovations that allow them to buy truly naked products.”

Treat yourself to the Lush side of life.

The collection includes:

1.  American Cream Naked Shower Gel, $19.95

2. American Cream Pressed Conditioner $16.95

3. Argan Dragon $9.95

4. Sleep Soap $10.95

5. Minamisoma Shower Oil $9.95

6. Easy Peeler Body Scrub $9.95

7.  Coco Loco Shower Oil $9.95

8. Comfort Zone Shower Bomb $5.50

9.Michelle, Ma Belle Soap $13.95

10. Good Day Sunshine Soap $13.95

11. Poppy Soap $14.95

12. Aurora Borealis Body Scrub $6.95


Melanie Kuhtic


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