Happy Skin Co #BeautyBoss

Happy Skin Co #BeautyBoss

Happy Skin Co #BeautyBoss

New brand on the block Happy Skin Co is dominating the at-home IPL laser technology game. Since its initial product launch in April, Happy Skin Co have reached over $400k in sales and are expected to hit $1m by the end of July 2018. We spoke to founders Dylan Mullan and George Papura to find out why their product stands out from the pack and is the ultimate must-have beauty accessory this winter!


Tell us about your flagship product

Our IPL Laser Hair Removal Handsets utilise clinical grade technology that has been adapted for safe and effective at home hair removal. Our handsets are super easy to use, compact and portable so you can take them anywhere! Perhaps the best thing about them is that they have a 5+ year lifetime and there’s no need for any replacements or refills! They are currently available in Gloss Pink and Matte White and we’re looking at the possibility of introducing a new colour in the very near future.

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How long does the treatment take?

It really depends on the size of the area that you want to treat. As a rough guide it should take approximately 10-15 minutes to do your legs, 5-10 minutes for your arms, 2 minutes for your bikini area and 1 minute for your underarms.


Price of product?


Worldwide shipping 🎉 Use code BEAUTYNEWS to get $30 off your order.  Afterpay available






Why should people choose this product rather than going in store to a laser clinic?

It saves time and money! Our handsets have 150,000 flashes and a 5+ year lifetime, which means once you grab yourself one, you won’t need to worry about spending another cent on hair removal for a very long time. Now most people are pretty busy these days so the fact that you can do it at home, at your own convenience has made a lot of our customers extremely happy. Not only that if you’re a little shy and don’t necessarily love the idea of getting naked in front of strangers, now you’ll be able to hit those hidden areas in privacy.


How did you come up with Happy Skin Co? Did you see a break in market?

We always viewed the health and beauty niche as a market with amazing opportunity, so we knew that we wanted to do something in this space. Obviously, there are thousands of beauty brands going around these days and we didn’t just want to be another company shouting for attention and not offering any real value to customers.

We wanted to do something that was going to change the game and give the market something the probably haven’t seen before. It didn’t take much digging to realise just how popular laser hair removal was at the moment, so we knew we were onto something. When we looked more closely at laser hair removal market it became obvious that there were a bunch of things we could improve surrounding the customer experience.

Who are your main demographics?

Our main demographics to date are females aged between 25-34, followed closely by females aged between 18-23. That being said we have received some great feedback from the 35+ market so that’s definitely a segment we expect to see growth from in the future!

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What kind of feedback have you received from the general public?

We have had an overwhelmingly positive response from the general public so far. The amount of people that have told us that “they have been waiting to find a product like this for years” and they “can’t believe they didn’t find out about this sooner” has blown us away. It’s amazing to see how well it has been received by everyone and the best part is, we’ve had so many people get in touch or leave reviews saying that they’re already seeing results and telling us how well it’s working for them!




Has the role of influencers heightened your engagement on your website as well as social media?

Working with influencers has been a really great experience for us so far. We like to choose who we work with quite carefully as we want to work with people who not only have a lot of attention on them but people that come across as really down to earth and likeable. Almost everyone, including ourselves are extremely engaged on social media these days so we feel like it’s a great way to get our brand out there.

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Who are some of your most well known influencers?

As we are based in Sydney, our early focus has been on the Australian market so some of our biggest influencers and brand ambassadors include, Keira Maguire, Megan Marx, Florence Alexandra, Jake Ellis, Davey Lloyd, Elora Tahiti and Laurina Fleure. We’ve got some big Aussie & international influencers on the horizon so keep your eyes peeled!

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Since launching the product in April, have you had significant turnover? Is this a product that consumers are really jumping on?

We always had a lot of belief that Happy Skin Co was going to be something that the pubic really loved and got behind but I’d be lying if I said weren’t a little bit blown away with just how fast things have been happening for us. Just over 6 weeks out from launch and we’ve already reached over $400k in sales and we are expecting to hit $1m by the end of July 2018. The vast majority of our customers have been from here in Australia, so far. But, we’re extremely excited to be taking more of a worldwide focus in the very near future!


Are you planning to bring out any other skin or hair care products?

Our IPL Laser Hair Removal Handsets will always be a big part of who we are and what we do but we will definitely be introducing more skincare products down the line.


To buy your Happy Skin Co IPL Laser Hair Removal Handset, click here

For more info on their products and story, visit www.happyskinco.com.



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