Could Freelancing Change Your Life?

Could Freelancing Change Your Life?


Do you feel stuck in your current job? Do you crave more variety, or do you long to do a particular thing which you love? Many people feel stuck in the 9-5 rat race, and would love to get out and see the world, but the problem of funds always comes into the equation.


There is a way around all of that, and it all comes down to working whilst you travel.


So, could freelancing really change your life?


There are two different types of freelancer, the actual freelancer, and the digital nomad. The digital nomad is an almost constant traveller; he or she moves from place to place, working online, with little space between trips. These trips can be a few months, even a year or so, before upping sticks and heading somewhere near. The plus point of this is of course the amazing memories and the people you meet. The downside? Never really having a solid base to call home.


A freelancer is someone who works from home, their office, a coffee shop, whever they please, and whilst they certainly do travel, they are not constantly on the road. A general freelancer is basically a great source of middle ground, it is freedom to stay home, go out, go to another country,  do whatever you want.


Is this all grabbing your interest? It should be.


If you have a skill you can make money from, something you love to do and which you could sustain over the long-term, freelancing is a great option, and a great way to escape the 9-5 of the office. There are many online working opportunities out there, from blogging, advertising, designing, virtual assistant work, translating, creative writing, the list goes on. It really all comes down to finding something you’re good at and building up a base, which will continue to grow to the point where you can make enough money from it as a full time job.


Could it change your life? Infinitely.


The Pros of Freelancing

  • Total freedom to work wherever you like, be it on a beach, in a coffee shop, at home, wherever you want to work!
  • The ability to travel whilst working, but not all the time if you don’t want to
  • You still get to maintain a home base and live your normal life
  • When you build up a client base, you will have a sustainable job which should pay well
  • You are doing something you love and building your existing skills even further
  • If you want to, you can work in your pyjamas!


The Cons of Freelancing

  • You are self employed, so you will need to register as such and be responsible for paying your own taxes
  • It is easy to become isolated, but you can get around that by going out and working in social places, such as coffee shops
  • Building up a client base can take time, so a transitional period of your current job overlapping with your freelancing is a good idea
  • It can be easy to just take the day off because you’re tired or don’t feel like working – you need to be motivated and remember that if you don’t work, you don’t get paid!


The best way forward? Give it a try! Stay in your current job for now, and slowly build up your client base, until you have enough to call it quits. From there? The world is your oyster!


Nicola Curtis


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