How to do Winter Travel in Style and Comfort

How to do Winter Travel in Style and Comfort


Despite the fact that the temperatures are not exactly plummeting, winter is upon us. Whlst most of us tend to stick to the summer months for our vacations, why not shake things up a little and head out for a winter break?


You can try and find some winter sun on a beach, you can go skiing, you can enjoy a city break, or you can admire the countryside during the cooler months. Whatever you decide to do and wherever you decide to go, make sure you do it all in style!


Now, travel isn’t the easiest thing to do whilst looking your very best. Time zones, delays, long journeys, stress, and departure lounge waiting can all take its toll on our beauty regime. Long haul flying in particular pays havoc with skin and hair, and can leave you with bags under your eyes, bigger than the ones you checked in to the hold!


Despite that, there are a few cheat ways that you can travel in style this winter.


Luxury Luggage

Being the proud owner of quality, luxury, and attractive luggage will certainly help you feel a lot better about long travel hours! Check out the various types of luggage on the market, and go for a good brand which is going to last you for a good few years, and will stand up to the rigours of travel.


The Power of Moisturiser

We mentioned air conditioned planes, trains, and buses, and these can all dry out your skin quite severely. Take your favourite moisturiser with you and keep it in your hand luggage, as long as it doesn’t go over the 100ml limit. Choose a moisturiser which is light, and apply it regularly, to give your skin the hydration it needs.


Deep Conditioning

It’s not just your skin which takes the brunt of travel, it’s your hair too. Make sure you deep condition your hair with a good quality mask before you travel, and when you return. If you’re heading to the sun, cover up your hair with a hat or a scarf, to protect it against harmful, drying out rays.


Travel Accessories

Entertainment will certianly make the time pass quicker, so load up that tablet with games, books, films, music, anything else you like. Buy a power bank, so you can give your charge a boost when it starts to run low too. In addition, you need to think comfort, as well as style here, so a comfortable neck pillow, a funky eye mask, perhaps even a comforttable throw – these will all make the hours pass much quicker, and in a more pleasant manner.


Hydration is Everything

Make sure you keep drinking water through your travel day, or days. This wil nourish your body and keep your mind sharp. You’ll also help to keep jet lag at bay, at least a little, and your skin will also glow as a result. Avoid alcohol on flights especially, and anything caffeine related.


Dress For Comfort, and Style

There’s no reason why you can’t look great whilst being comfortable, and it’s all about the small details! A plain, comfortable outfit can be dressed up with a colourful scarf, or a pair of earrings! Wear sneakers or flat shoes, as opposed to heels, and always carry a hoodie or a cardigan in your bag. Style doesn’t have to be uncomfortable!

Nicola Curtis


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