Here’s why you don’t need a diet

Here’s why you don’t need a diet

Here’s why you don’t need a diet

Besides often being hard to maintain in the long run, who wants to be told what to eat? You yourself know what is good and bad (we hope) for your body and a just few little adjustments will help you maintain a healthy figure whilst maintaining your sanity and social life.

Firstly, as simple as it seems, just grab the healthier version of what you want. Craving hot chips? Get some sweet potato fries instead. Need a pizza? Make the base out of cauliflower instead. Need a carb fest? Make wholemeal pasta. Whatever you want grab the healthier version and trust us, there’s healthier versions of everything and anything you just have to look

Another easy go-to is portion control. So you can still go to McDonald’s and get that Big Mac, just make it a small or a medium meal rather then the usual large. Want a doughnut? Have one (or three) just don’t grab the 6 pack. Controlling the portion of what you already eat helps you cut back without much thought and your sanity will thank you for it! A quick life hack is to buy smaller plates and bowls. Obviously you can’t fit as much in and this will (regrettably) stop you from eating a kilo of Carbonara pasta in one sitting.

Everyone wants a chance to go crazy and eat all those doughnuts/chocolate/pizza/burgers they’ve been craving. So just do it. Designate a meal, or even an entire day, to eating whatever you want. If you set it aside a specific cheat day or meal, you can help stick to your overall plan, allowing you to mentally restrain and know you can indulge the next day or whenever your binge day is.

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Another easy way to see change is to plan your meals for each week. If you plan your meals, there’s no excuse for that sneaky takeaway when you already have a lovely homemade soup or some cucumber fries baking in the oven.

This particular author loves food. Like, would marry if possible. I enjoy a solid 3 course meal a few times a day. However, if you eat smaller amounts more frequently you will stay fuller for longer and this does help with the temptation of going off the rails and grabbing that family sized ice cream. So again, grab those six sushi rolls but spread out when you eat them over  a few hours and your body will thank you for it.

Keeping fruit or nuts in your bag is a great way to ensure you always have a sneaky snack when you need it. Fruit is super easy, and super tasty, and when you buy in season you’ll be switching it up daily, while getting some extra pennies in your pocket. And that’s basically a win-win

Another option is to skip the bus or car and walk to work. If that is too far, how about jus to the next stop or station. Walking an extra kilometre a day will improve your health and help you to gradually increase your exercise levels.

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The age old tale that surprisingly works is the slower you eat the easier it is for your body to tell you that you are full. I regularly find myself shovelling down five plates before I can draw a breath at a sushi train, but regretfully 30 minutes later I am beyond full. Since I have slowed my eating, and not grabbed each plate like it would be my last, I have reduced my over eating and feel 10 times better for it (especially as there’s no more bloating)!

Theres a reason why every model and celebrity swears by drinking more water, and that’s cos it works! Every time you have a meal you should wash it down with some water so you stay hydrated. As H2O makes up the majority of your body, its important to keep your cells rejuvenated and moisturised. Drinking with a meal aids digestion and also slows down how quickly you eat.

But, in the end, if your overall health, both mental and physical, are in the green then who really cares? You only live once so eat that chocolate and drink that Nutella milkshake!


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