BODYIQ: The Intelligent Weight Loss Choice

BODYIQ: The Intelligent Weight Loss Choice

BODYIQ: The Intelligent Weight Loss Choice

Yes, we know you’ve tried every diet known to man, including fasting – and to no avail. But think about it, if we are all on some type of variation of the common low-fat-moderate-carb-high-protein ‘diet-hamster-wheel’, then WHY do we all have such different results, experiences and reactions? Because it’s not the diet, it’s the individual’s chemistry reacting to the diet. Imagine an Eskimo on a low-fat diet? We are ALL so uniquely different, our DNA, genetics, environment, biochemistry, nationality etc., in fact there’s no one out there like you, so why are we all doing the same diet?

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Clearly, the low-fat-high-protein-moderate-carbohydrate diet model, coupled with an exhausting exercise program – is NOT working! Just look at the global obesity and diabetes stats – obesity has nearly tripled since the 80’s! And yet ‘Experts’ continue to spend millions on promoting the latest ‘it’ diet, that tell people to eat less and move more, reduce fat, eat more whole grains, eat a balanced diet etc.


So if slogging out your guts in the gym daily and eating a low fat-high protein-moderate carbohydrate ‘balanced’ diet isn’t the Holy Grail to permanent weight-loss and a wellthy body and mind for life, THEN WHAT IS?



BODYIQ is different to any other diet you’ve tried before! It’s a 3-Phase weight loss protocol that shifts the focus to getting healthy so that your body can lose weight effortlessly & permanently, by default and with no exercise at all, because we believe that what’s inside counts and weight-loss, beauty and total wellness begins in your gut.

Source: @bodyiqme

BodyIQ is a 3-Phase personalised and biochemistry specific diet solution, to permanent weightloss, glowing skin, amazing energy, ageless health and total wellbeing by way of nutrition;

  • Detox & Alkalise
  • Restore Gut Health
  • Lose KILO’S of fat from diet alone
  • Reset Metabolic Dysfunction
  • Reset Biochemistry
  • Stabilise Blood Sugar
  • Balanced Stress & Emotions
  • Stabilise New Body Weight ‘Set-Point’
  • Shape & Tone


What you can expect:

Expect 10-15kgs of weightloss in 3 months, daily support, recipes, diet/lifestyle/nutrition/fitness tips, motivation, one-on-one weekly progress check-ins and group discussions and support.


1 – Bio-individualised and evidence-based diet plan for all 3 Phases

2 – 3 Phase coached protocol – for lasting success

3 – Burn Fat 24/7 without exercise – get 100% of your weightloss results from diet alone

4 – Stress Management – to manage your internal chaos and emotional states



3 month / 3-PHASE PLAN – $849

Blood Test (online referral form + pathology test) – $29

Essential Supplements – $140 approx

Email for more info –

Next program starts 5th November 2018 – places are limited so get in quick!

Results are everything, and that’s exactly what BodyIQ gives you, along with a blueprint for lasting success.



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