#BeautyBoss: Face Halo Co Founder Lizzy Pike

#BeautyBoss: Face Halo Co Founder Lizzy Pike

#BeautyBoss: Face Halo Co Founder Lizzy Pike

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again– makeup removal is undoubtedly the least enjoyable element of the beauty process. That was until the revolutionary Face Halo made its way onto the scene. Dubbed as “The Beauty Pro replacing 500 face wipes”, this environmentally sustainable product has totally changed the game.

We had the pleasure of chatting to Face Halo co founder, Lizzy Pike about all things makeup and exactly how the idea of Face Halo came about.

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We love that Face Halo was a total (genius) accident! Do you still laugh telling the mop story when asked where the idea originated?

Hahaha…..well it wasn’t totally an accident! I had been working with textiles for the last 15 years so when Bec and I were discussing her makeup removal – or lack there of– it seemed like a natural evolution to take the path of textiles to create what we now know as Face Halo: a quicker, easier, more effective and environmentally friendly option to remove makeup – or as we like to call it “The Lazy Girls Dream”


Face Halo is recognised as a revolutionary and environmentally sustainable beauty product. How important do you think it is to have sustainability at the forefront of your priorities when designing new products for the market?

As we quickly move to a more environmentally aware society, we are continually working to push boundaries and lead the way in sustainable beauty. We’re always looking at innovative solutions for environmental sustainability when developing new products and packaging – it’s at the core of Face Halo’s identity.


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How did your collaboration with Chloe Morello come about?

Chloe’s involvement with Face Halo happened over dinner one night, we were still in development and gave Chloe a Face Halo to try. She took it home and fell in love with it. When we met again she asked if there was any room in the company for her and she became a partner… the rest is history!


What was the process and challenges you faced moving from selling solely within Australia to internationally?

We actually launched online in the US and Australia at the same time and grew from there.

Living in a digital world as we do now, the growth of Face Halo globally has been bigger and quicker than we imagined. With social media, it’s so easy to communicate with someone across the globe now than what it was a few years ago.


Do you believe sustainable beauty products will take over the beauty game soon?

Absolutely! Sustainable beauty is growing exponentially and I’m almost certain it will take over the broader beauty category in the future.  It may take a little while for beauty junkies and their favourite brands to make the switch, however the transition is gaining momentum and we’re excited to be at the forefront.



Tell us about your skincare regime. Do you opt for all natural products?

I have to be careful with skin products because I have very sensitive skin. A lot of ‘natural’ products can have really harsh chemicals in them which cause my skin to flare up, that why I love Face Halo because it’s just with water– it doesn’t disrupt the natural PH balance of my skin.

So I keep it pretty simple with Face Halo to remove makeup, a vitamin c serum and a sensitive skin moisturizer.

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What’s next for Face Halo?

Face Halo is ever-evolving with customer feedback and commercial demand. Our retail and e-tail partners are growing much quicker than we expected and it’s continuing to expand.

This year we launched our new chic black Face Halo PRO which has been a real game changer for professional makeup artists and for those who wear heavy pigmented makeup. We also saw the launch of the long-awaited Face Halo Accessories (much to the delight of our Face Halo fans).

What’s next? We have a few fabulous collaborations lined up for 2019, some amazing new retail partners coming on-board and of course, we’ll be launching some exciting new products. We can’t wait to share all of this with our customers!



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