Find a unique way to express yourself. The most classic pieces your jewellery collection should have.

Find a unique way to express yourself. The most classic pieces your jewellery collection should have.

Find a unique way to express yourself. The most classic pieces your jewellery collection should have.

Jewellery can say a lot about a woman and each piece has its own clever way of portraying one’s unique style. Investing in classic pieces will be sure to last a lifetime. Instead of waiting around for a husband or partner to buy you jewellery, treat yourself to a timeless piece that will never go out of fashion and can be enjoyed for generations to come.

Cocktail Ring

The cocktail ring is a firm staple amongst all jewellery brands and has become a go-to dress-up accessory for women attending all types of social events – not just cocktail parties! These cocktail rings from the Roberto Coin Princess Flower collection are universal enough for any outfit, yet unique and striking to the eye. Available in white, yellow and rose gold, featuring a range of precious gems including diamonds, rubies, sapphires, mother of pearl, black jade and green malachite.

Roberto Coin – Princess Flower Collection








Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Made famous by US tennis player Chris Evert at the US Open in 1987, the diamond tennis bracelet is an elegant and understated piece that exudes luxury and glamour. These exquisite stretch tennis bracelets from Roberto Demeglio can be stacked and worn with other bracelets/bangles or a timepiece.

Roberto Demeglio Tennis Bracelets


Stretch Bracelets

Ideal for everyday, stretch bracelets make for an effortless accessory that can elevate any outfit, either worn on their own or stacked and layered over a watch. Whether you opt for 18ct yellow, white or rose gold, the ‘Pura Oro’ collection from Roberto Demeglio are stretchable for a perfect fit and easy to put on. The Flex’IT bracelets from Italian jewellery brand FOPE are delicate and incredibly durable as they are claspless and can be easily rolled onto the wrist.

Roberto Demeglio ‘Pura Oro’ Collection
FOPE Flex’IT Bracelet



Coming in all different shapes and sizes, pearls can be a unique way to express your style, mainly due to their timelessness and classic silhouette. Whilst you may associate them with a conservative style, pearls can be modernised into a cocktail ring, drop earrings or through clever styling techniques such as wearing them as chokers. Kailis designs some of the world’s finest Australian South Sea pearl jewellery that are ideal for a contemporary woman. If you are after darker Tahitian pearls, Gellner has exquisite pieces using black and brown pearls.

From left, Kailis vibrance collar, Kailis ‘Manhattan’ earrings, Kailis Charleston diamond & pearl earrings, Kailis ‘Manhattan’ pendant, Kailis ‘Aurora’ vidid ring with rubies & pink tourmaline, Gellner rose gold, Tahitian pearl & brown diamond earrings, Gellner white gold, Tahitian pearl & black diamond pendant.


Diamond Studs

Diamond stud earrings are probably the first thing a woman should invest in and can be worn 24/7. Their minimal design makes for a worthy investment and adds an instant sparkle to an outfit. Hearts on Fire hand selects ethically sourced, high quality diamonds which are then cut to perfection. In fact, they are known as the ‘world’s most perfectly cut diamonds’. Their range features solitaire diamond studs as well as a halo design that features a centre diamond surrounded by smaller diamonds.

From left, Hearts On Fire Beloved diamond stud earrings, Hearts On Fire Lorelai diamond halo studs, Hearts On Fire alternating halo stud earrings, Hearts On Fire three-prong diamond stud earrings.


Long Necklace

Whether they are fine chains or strung with pearls, long necklaces are an essential piece due to their versatility and simplicity. Long necklaces can be incorporated into any occasion – wear them on their own for an elegant finish or layer underneath shorter necklaces. Roberto Coin’s handcrafted pieces from their Princess Flower collection are designed to perfection and best worn on their own. For a more statement look, Gellner’s Tahitian pearl necklaces are bold and are the perfect contrast to a monochromatic outfit. 

From left, FOPE Flex’IT solo necklace with diamond rondels in rose gold, FOPE Flex’IT solo necklace with diamond rondels in white gold, Gellner rose gold & black diamond Tahitian Pearl Necklace, Gellner 18ct rose gold, black & brown diamond pearl necklace Roberto Coin Princess Flower necklace with diamonds.

Find a unique way to express yourself and complete your jewellery collection at J Farren-Price. Visit their boutique at 80 Castlereagh St Sydney to shop these exquisite pieces.


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