3 Australian organic makeup brands you will love

3 Australian organic makeup brands you will love

3 Australian organic makeup brands you will love

With everyone going ‘au naturel’ these days, we are spoilt for choice when it comes to new products hitting our shelves. From skincare to haircare, home care and even diet, more and more Australians are making the switch to organic products.

Recently, we gave you the lowdown on some of the best Australian organic skincare brands covering several retailers that offered toxic-free products. But, our work here isn’t complete without giving you some trusted companies that stock makeup containing only natural ingredients.


MG Naturals

Founded by Kailah Shannon, self-titled as the Mama Going Natural, MG Naturals is an organic cosmetic brand 100% free of titanium dioxide.

“All of our products are formulated using our ‘no nasties policy,’” says Kailah. “Women from across the globe love our products because they promote skin health and healing and don’t contain any skin damaging free radicals.”

MG Naturals was established following the birth of Kailah’s daughter that sent her on a journey to clean out all toxic chemicals and additives. From this, their Organic Sunscreen product was developed and today, they stock various foundations, BB creams, bronzers, blushes and lip glosses.

Being organic, vegan, colour and dye free as well as cruelty-free, customers are loving the all-natural ingredients. Suitable for teens to grandma’s, MG Natural not only conceals but heals.

Kailiah adds, “Most of our ingredients are 100% edible and yummy!”


Friends of Alma

If one-stop-shopping is your thing, head to Friends of Alma, the store for natural health and beauty. Comprising of over 20+ natural, organic and toxin-free brands, Friends of Alma ‘covers’ everything from the face to cheeks, eyes, lips and nails.

“Natural beauty really became important to me when I was made aware of the harmful chemicals in many mainstream products,” says founder Alannah Taylor. “Considering how often I was using my favourite beauty products, I didn’t want them to be detrimental to my health. This started my journey to discovering natural alternatives that were both effective and luxurious.”

By taking out the hard work of research and trial and error, Friends of Alma makes it easy for consumers to feel confident and empowered in making the switch to toxic-free products. They also offer samples from as little as $3, to help take the risk out of shopping.


Inika Organic

Popular Australian makeup brand Inika has seen great success not only on home shores but globally, being a trusted go-to brand for certified organic makeup.

“We started in Sydney in 2006 and are proud to be 100% Australian owned,” says founder and CEO Miranda Bond. “We were born out of a need to detox. Conscious consumers were already removing harmful chemicals from their homes and diet, replacing them with wholesome, pure and natural alternatives. When it came to makeup, there wasn’t a healthy option.”

Non-toxic, vegan and cruelty-free, Inika Organic ingredients are ethically sourced and derived from botanicals or minerals. Available to purchase online and via stockists throughout 16 countries, Inika is leading the way when it comes to toxic-free living.

Their range offers just about everything for your makeup kit including foundation, powder, brushes, mascara and lippies.

Amanda Palm


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