Summer hair care tips for sun, sand and swim lovers

Summer hair care tips for sun, sand and swim lovers

Summer hair care tips for sun, sand and swim lovers

Like any summer-lovin’ Australian, you’re probably already basking up all the sun, sand and swimming this warm weather brings. While it’s great for your vitamin D levels and social life, it’s probably not so good for your luscious locks.

To help keep your hair looking glossy and glam this summer, we’ve got some practical hair care tips on hair maintenance without having to forgo any of your favourite summer activities.


Rinse hair in fresh water after chlorine or salt

“Spending time cooling off in the pool or at the beach is one of the best things about summer, however, your hair may not agree,” says Bambi Staveley, founder of hair thinning solution Boost N Blend. “Both salt water and chlorinated water can dry your hair out and lead to breakage.”

Sadly, the same chlorine used to kill harmful bacteria in the pool can also strip your hair of its natural oils making it dry and brittle. The more you dip into that chlorinated water, the more susceptible your hair is to damage.

Image source: Boost N Blend

“An easy way to avoid this is to swim without getting your hair wet by wearing a swimming cap or tying it up. However, if you do get your hair wet, just rinse thoroughly with fresh water to get rid of that drying pool or ocean water.”


Apply sunscreen using a cotton tip

Bambi offers another great ‘tip’ for those prone to potential health consequences due to a widening part or visible scalp.

“One of the keys roles our hair plays is to protect the scalp from the sun, so any areas not fully covered by hair are at risk of sun damage.”

Simply apply sunscreen to a cotton bud and carefully apply to visible areas of the scalp. This will protect against harsh UV rays without making your hair greasy.

Bambi adds, “Wear a hat when possible or tie your hair up to cover the gaps. If you want to avoid hat hair, a sun visor is an excellent option! It also has the added bonus of covering any thinning areas toward the front of your head.”


Protect your hair with hair products

With the extra sun exposure your hair has the potential to get even more dry during summer. To protect against unnecessary breakage caused by dry and brittle hair, stock up on treatments and leave-in conditioners to minimise breakage. Some hair care companies also make UV protection sprays which may help too.

Rhonda Billett-Haire, owner of Up Town Hair Studio suggests using your favourite hair moisturising cream.

“Prior to going to the beach or taking a dip in the pool, work a five-cent piece size through the mid to end lengths of your hair. The moisturising cream acts as a barrier of protection and helps retain moisture as well as adding shine, reducing frizz and preventing tangles.”


Don’t be a stranger to the salon

One last piece of advice by Caterina Di Biase, salon director of Heading Out Hair and Beauty is to make regular trips to the salon to keep your hair in mint condition.

“With the excessive amount of heat damage and extra styling during summer as well as sun exposure at those summer social events, your ends can split more than usual,” says Caterina.

Image source: Heading Out Hair and Beauty

“To help reduce dry and splitting ends we recommend a regular trim every 6-8 weeks. We also advise you regularly see your hair stylist to help nurse your hair back to health or maintain that summer glow all the way through the season.”


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