Does Your Hair Love The Weather?

Does Your Hair Love The Weather?


Whether you assign to Crowded House’s ditty that you “always take the weather with you” or not, there is one part of your entire being that has a rather complicated relationship with the elements. Your hair.

From heat to cold, rain to snow, sun to wind, your hair has a different reaction to whatever the weather decides to throw at it. Of course, there are countless products on the market these days to help protect your hair against damage from the elements, but unless you know the kind of damage that the weather is going to do to your hair, how do you know which product to opt for?

Let’s explore.

The Wind

Windy days play havoc with your style, and you go from looking preened to windswept within ten seconds. Annoying, right? Trying to run a brush through a hair do which has been pummelled by the wind is difficult, but it can also cause breaking and snapping of your hair too. On top of this, the wind has the same kind of drying out effect as a hairdryer would have to your locks. The natural moisture is blown out, and it leaves your hair prone to becoming brittle and breaking.

How to combat it – If you can, it’s best to tie your hair up during particularly windy days, or wear a hat. Opt for a moisture locking shampoo and conditioner, and minimise the amount of brushing you do.

The Cold

Just like wind, the freezing cold temperatures grab all that luscious moisture from your hair and cause it to be dry and brittle. Whilst you won’t get the unruly mess that the wind will cause the cold will do more in the way of internal damage, whilst over time making it look dull and a little lifeless.

How to combat it – Moisturising is your friend here. Make sure you moisturise your hair every single time you wash it, and once a week go for a deep moisturising treatment, such as a hair mask. This will lock in the moisture and help to replace what has been lost.


Come on, we’ve all seen that episode of Friends when Monica’s hair decides to grow ten fold due to the Caribbean humidity! Whether you have thick or thin hair, humid conditions have an effect. If you have thick hair, it will do a Monica and grow; if you have thin hair, it will lose its shape and hang a little lifelessly. Either way, you’re going to get frizz.

How to combat it – Wear a hat! Tie your hair back! Do not attempt to wear your hair down if at all possible. You can also go for an anti-frizz spray, and never leave your hair wet and then go outside. There isn’t a huge amount you can do about humidity and your hair’s reaction to it, but the range of anti-frizz products does do a lot to minimise its effects.

Heat and Direct Sun

We love the summer sun, but your hair isn’t the biggest fan. Sitting in direct sunlight is basically the same as running a pair of straighteners through your hair without protection over and over again. UV rays do the same to your hair as they do to your skin – they burn it. This leaves your hair dry, brittle, and stripped of colour.

How to combat it – Invest in a good quality heat and UV protection spray and use it liberally. Another must do is to wear a hat or bandana as much as possible, to create a barrier.

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