The Hottest Accessory Right Now – Cartilage Piercings

The Hottest Accessory Right Now – Cartilage Piercings

Check out the jewels adorning the ears of Beyoncé and Rihanna right now and you will notice something similar – they both have cartilage piercings. Not the usual ear lobe studs, but full on piercings further up the ear, to the part which gets thicker as you go.

You’re looking at the latest trend in body modification.

Of course, this type of thing should never be taken lightly, you are piercing a hole in your body after all, but if you have been hankering after this hot accessory, there are a few things you need to know.

Find The Right Piercing Parlour

You won’t struggle to find one, but you need to make sure it is clean, safe, and that it takes hygiene seriously. Look around, does it look clean? Ask to look at their portfolio, and check out their website. If the price is super low, the chances are it’s not going to be your best option! Quality costs cash.

Remember to ask about aftercare, because if they don’t seem to take aftercare seriously, you need to carry on walking. Another question is to ask whether the needle comes from a sealed, unopened packet – nothing less than this! The piercing should be done with a needle and not with a gun; guns are for soft tissue, e.g. the earlobe.

What Material do You Want?

Never go for an earring made of steel, because many people are unknowingly allergic to the nickel content. Instead, opt for gold, platinum, or titanium. Gold is antibacterial, so great for those with sensitive skin, and the other two are hypoallergenic, so equally good choices. It’s also a good idea to opt for a stud rather than a hoop to begin with, as the hoop will hang down and cause pressure on the new hole as it is healing.

Healing Issues

The cartilage is thicker and therefore takes longer to heal than an earlobe. The piercing should be fully healed within 3-5 months, and even if it looks healed on the outside, it will still be doing its healing thing on the inside! Remember to carry out aftercare to the letter, to make sure you don’t end up with any complications. Good quality aftercare means:

• Leave the piercing alone – Don’t keep touching it and twisting it
• Drink plenty of water in the days after the piercing, to help with healing
• Clean the piercing twice per day with warm, soapy water
• Avoid any cleaning solutions with chemicals inside
• Try and keep shampoo, conditioner, and hairspray away from the piercing at first, as much as possible

Which part of your ear cartilage you have pierced is totally up to you, but in terms of rocking this trend, make sure you cover all the information above before making a decision.

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