Five detox baths with single household ingredients

Five detox baths with single household ingredients

Five detox baths with single household ingredients

You know the drill. After what seems like an endless and harrowing day, you are hallucinating about lying back in the bath, a glass of wine in hand, music playing candles flickering…bliss. However, you’re in the middle of a detox, and you don’t have any fancy bath concoctions on hand. Not to worry – detox baths don’t need to be complicated or expensive. Detox baths can wash away your day and rejuvenate you.

Just bear in mind that a detox bath is a little different than your relaxing soak, in that you are going to sweat out all those toxins. Detoxing means literally releasing those unwanted toxins (think sauna) and allowing your body to keep working out afterwards. It’s all very positive to wash things away literally and figuratively. So hydrate, and hydrate some more, because you are going to get your sweat on.

To inspire you for your soak, we’ve collected the best five detox baths that you can create with just the ingredients in your home. You might be surprised to know that some of the most ancient detox baths consisted of one simple ingredient. The even better news is that this ingredient is most likely already stashed away in your kitchen cupboard.

Granny’s version

We all know about Epsom Salts and their benefits, so this bath is perfect for a quick and easy detox bath. This recipe is so simple a three year old could make it for you.

Ingredients: 2 cups of Epsom Salts

Instructions: As a hot bath is running, pour the salts into the bath to dissolve. Luxuriate for 15-30 minutes in the salty water, hop out slowly (you might be a little light headed from the heat), and towel dry.

Benefits: Epsom salt baths are chock full of magnesium, which relaxes muscles and induces sleep. It also soothes joints, reduces inflammation, and farewells residual heavy metals and toxins.

A smellier option (but so worth it)

We’ve all read about the amazing many uses for Apple Cider Vinegar (for a hangover, for digestion, for weight loss, and so on) but this is one use we hadn’t imagined.

Ingredients: 1-2 cups of Apple Cider Vinegar

Instructions: Pour the vinegar into the bath again as you run it. Soak for 30-45 minutes before drying off. One caveat for maximum results is to avoid the shower for eight hours. Yes, might be best to fly solo tonight. Grab a movie or a good book.

Benefits: This bath detoxifies all overrelieves aching muscles and pains, and restores optimal body alkalinity.

Pass me the tea please

Tea has always been a major factor in relaxation and detoxification, and herbal teas are particularly efficacious. However, you may never have thought of bathing in tea.

Ingredients: 5-10 green tea bags

Instructions: Run a hot bath and when the tub is at least half full, place the teabags in the water. Soak the tea bags for around 15 minutes. When the bath is a tea stained hue (sounds worse than it is) pop on in and soak for at least 30 minutes. Towel dry afterwards.

Benefits: You know all those antioxidants, minerals, and healing properties found in green tea that people have sworn by for centuries? Well, your skin is one large porous organ that will happily soak them up.

Gingerly remove the toxins

Ginger is always touted as a magical ingredient for detoxes and health cleanses, and bath detoxes are no exception.

Ingredients: ½ cup freshly grated ginger (organic if possible) or 1-2 rounded tablespoons of ginger powder

Instructions: Fill bathtub with very warm water. Once the tub is full, pour the ginger in, and hand mix it until it’s evenly spread. Lay back and try to relax in the heat for 20 minutes, then rinse in the shower with cool water, and dry off.

Benefits: This amazing immunity booster makes you hot and, similarly to drinking ginger tea for a cold, it works by raising the body’s temperature to sweat out those toxins.

Bentonite Clay baths

Taking a clay bath is an easy way to detox being relaxing, simple to prepare and adds nutrients to make you glow.

Ingredients: 1-4 cups of Bentonite Clay (this luxury ingredient can also be used on the face)

Instructions: Dissolve the powdered (best quality) clay into the hot, running water and bathe.

Benefits: Believe it or not, the clay particle actually pulls the toxins inside the clay molecule. You will feel a tightening of the skin when the magic is happening. Clay not only absorbs toxins but adds nutrients too.

Beauty starts from within

Although all these simple detox baths will do wonders for your skin, draw toxins from your body, and generally enhance your wellbeing, don’t forget that beauty comes from within. Keeping hydrated and making healthy food selections while ensuring regular exercise will ensure that your skin and body look their best. A holistic approach to health and beauty will provide the best results.

Nicole Barleet


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