Why baths are good for you

Why baths are good for you

Why baths are good for you

Baths have the power to lift a terrible day or end a perfect one. Non-believers of the tub often write off baths as a waste of time spent soaking in your own filth, completely unaware of the benefits warm baths can provide. I am no stranger to my own bathtub; just ask my bowl filled with Lush bath bombs and bubble bars. Although having the chance to soak in glittered, scented water is an incredible sight, the benefits of baths don’t stop there. Here are a few reasons why you should spoil yourself tonight with a warm bath.

Hot baths burn calories faster. 

Don’t get to excited by this benefit, you’ll still need to hit the gym as often as you can. According to Dr Steven Faulkner, taking warm baths can increase calorie burning by up to 80%, meaning, you could be burning up to 126 calories per hour. Dr Steven Faulkner also conducted a study by comparing the blood sugar levels of 10 men who soaked in a bath with those who participated in a half hour vigorous cycling session. He found that the men who had spent their time in the bath had a 10% lower blood sugar level than those who cycled.

Relieves muscle pain. 

If you’re a gym or circuit training regular, this one is for you. Taking baths can actually soothe your aching muscles, assisting in their repair and restoration. You don’t even need bath salts to get your muscles back on the right track, by soaking in hot water, you’re providing your body a wetter alternative to a ‘heat pack’. A hot bath will actually lead to your muscles increasing in temperature, blocking pain sensors in the process and ultimately provide pain free muscle movement.

It can guarantee a good night’s rest. 

In this case, playing around with your body temperature will help you fall asleep easier. When your body starts to drop in temperature, a hormone called melatonin begins to produce, which eventually leads to you fall asleep. Taking a warm bath hours before bed can trick your body into falling asleep faster. By heating yourself up purposely, this will encourage your body to begin the process of falling asleep. In order to ensure you fall asleep, avoid drawing your bath to a scalding hot temperature, otherwise you’ll end up wide awake with your brain making no plans for bed. To avoid this, once you get out of the bath, allow yourself to cool down properly before slipping into bed.

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Can assist in relieving skin conditions. 

Baths are not just limited to those who occasionally need a little ‘me time’, they can also be prescribed by dermatologist for those who suffer from skin conditions. Bleach baths have been around for years and is used as a method to treat those who suffer from eczema. It works by killing the bacteria upon the skin’s surface, reducing swelling and pain. Oil baths also exist and work by intensely moisturising the skin by assisting in the removal of dead skin cells, preventing infections as well as harmful inflammatories.

They’re a great way to de-stress. 

As I said before, baths help you get the ‘me time’ you deserve and are a great form of escape from the loud world in which we live in. They can help clear your head and even mentally prepare you for the following day. Breathing in the scent of lavender can relax and comfort you so by adding a lavender scented candle or bath bomb into your bath, you’ll be feeling stress free. Taking an epsom salt bath is another great way to keep you feeling relaxed as the salts work by being absorbed into your skin, leading to alleviating muscle and joint tension as well as abdominal cramps.

They can reduce your chances of getting a cold. 

Warm water and steam are an easy way to stop the developments of a cold before symptoms even begin to appear. By inhaling steam, you’re helping to clear your nasal passage while also reducing any signs of inflammation. Keeping warm during a cold is also a necessity to ensure a speedy recovery, so by taking a warm bath you’re helping your immune system work more efficiently and effectively.


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