Your perfect hens night

Your perfect hens night

Your perfect hens night

When it comes to wedding planning, there is nothing a bride looks forward to more (other than her wedding day) than her hens night. It’s the opportunity to let your hair down, have some alcoholic-fuelled fun, and to be as naughty as possible without any fear of judgement or criticism. One of the most exciting aspects of a hens night is the fact that they don’t need to stick to a certain criteria, unlike a wedding. The perfect hens night differs from bride to bride and can be customised to every want and desire. If you (or your bridesmaids) are in the midst of organising your hens night, here are some ideas to get the the creative juices flowing.

Party Cruise

A memorable hens night would not be a complete classic without a party. Instead of heading to your favourite club to dance the night away, perhaps you’d like to take the party to the water. Party cruises are a fantastic way to celebrate your last single night with your closest friends, and of course, a few strippers. You won’t have to worry about random strangers ruining your night, as you’ll be far away from civilisation with the definite promise of an amazing night. You’ll also be able to control the music, so you can dance the night away to whatever tunes take your fancy.

Wine Tour

If the words hens night and wine correlate perfectly in your mind, then a wine tour may be the answer to crafting your perfect hens night! Although this activity may require a bit of an early start, we’re sure it’ll be worth the early wakeup call. Alternatively, you could spend the weekend with your bridal party in a vine-rich area, such as the Hunter Valley or Margaret River. With wine tours, the schedule and activities are entirely up to you. In between wine tastings, you’ll be able to feast upon a delicious lunch or snack upon a selection of delicious cheese platters to truly indulge your fancy side.


Not just dinner, but dinner with topless male waiters! Yes, they exist. You and your friends could have the opportunity to be served dinner by some of the most handsome waiters in Sydney, with the bonus option of receiving a shoulder massage throughout the night. But also, if you ask nicely, they may even participate in the games and the night’s overall fun with you! Need we say anymore?
Of course, if half-naked men serving you food isn’t your style, there are wonderful high class restaurants that you can visit with your friends to have a delicious and elegant meal. Our suggestions would be classic places like Quay in Sydney, with an excellent view of the Harbour and a selection of degustation menus, or Attica in Melbourne.

High Tea

This activity is for brides that love to get their slice of elegance, class and style. This is the kind of hens night that you could definitely invite your mum or grandmother to join and is a lovely way of catching up with your friends where you can actually hear the conversation. You and your friends will be able to munch on delicious scones and sandwiches and indulge in a few (many) glasses of champagne, toasting not only the wedding but your fantastic friends or bridal party. At High Tea in the QVB, you’ll also get some of the best views of Sydney while you enjoy your elegant afternoon.


Pole Dancing

If you’ve ever wanted to try pole dancing, your hens night is the perfect time! Over the years, pole dancing has a lot of popularity because of its ability to combine a fantastic workout with embracing your feminine and sexy side. You’ll also be dancing with your closest friends, so you won’t be embarrassed or awkward if you stuff up. It’s all about you having a unforgettable time. You might even learn some moves to show your new husband!

Spa Weekend

Treating yourself to a spa weekend to celebrate the end of your single days may be exactly what you need in the months leading up to your wedding day. Your bridal party will also love you for the excuse to get pampered and spoil themselves. You and your friends can bond over luxurious facials, massages or body wraps, and then delight in how fresh you all look. It’s the perfect pre-wedding treatment!


Hosting a sleepover for your hens night can be the perfect choice for brides who want a good night, but don’t exactly define themselves as a ‘party girl’. By hosting the perfect night in, you can forget about getting dressed up, spending hours doing your makeup and making sure that everything goes accordingly to plan. With a sleepover, you get to decide what it is you do while being in the comfort of your own home. You can play games, have a ‘wedding movie’ themed marathon and binge eat some of your favourite sweet treats. Another aspect of the sleepover is the D&M factor; a sleepover with your bridal party is the perfect chance to let out any negative or stress related feelings you’ve experience during the course of wedding planning, or even to have a rant about the things your groom-to-be does to annoy you.


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