Products you need to achieve a flawless summer wedding look

Products you need to achieve a flawless summer wedding look

Products you need to achieve a flawless summer wedding look

If you’re attending a summer wedding, you’re in luck in terms of makeup. Summer weddings do not often call for dramatic, smoky-eye looks, so you can instead look incredible by simply rocking a soft and gentle feminine look. Summer wedding makeup also tips its hat to the practise of minimalism, as you’ll need very few products to achieve a great look. If you’re in need of a little help, we’ve compiled a list of products you’ll need to help you achieve a flawless, summer wedding look.

Primer and Setting Spray

Makeup artist Napoleon Perdis famously said; “not to prime is a crime”, and he wasn’t wrong. Weddings tend to go on for the entire day, so you’re going to need a primer. Primers are the way to get your makeup application off to a fantastic start as their purpose is to make sure your makeup lasts all day. In terms of summer weddings, you’re going to want a primer that’ll keep your face matte and will keep you from getting shiny during your busy and hot day.

Setting sprays are another element of the makeup application process that are almost critical when it comes to summer weddings. Finishing off your makeup with a a couple (hundred) sprays from a mattifying setting spray will add extra protection to your foundation, and keep it from fading throughout the day.

BB Cream 

When it comes a summer wedding, heavy, pore-clogging foundation is not the best option. Wearing a light BB cream might not give you a full coverage, however, it’ll balance and even out your skin tone, making you appear fresh for the wedding. Also, if the wedding you are attending happens to be on the beach, applying a BB cream may be the most appropriate choice when you take into account the environment you’ll be in.


It’s a simple formula:  bronzer = tan = summer. When you’re ready to add some colour into your face during your makeup application, a shimmery bronzer may be the only thing you need. Skip contouring altogether and instead focus on giving your skin a glowing, bronzed look.


Your summer shadows should be two things: neutral and pastel. At a summer wedding, there’s really no need for an intense, black smokey eye because it simply doesn’t fit the environment or vibe. Dusting your eyes with baby pinks, cool-toned browns and silver shimmers are the only thing you need for a soft and feminine summer look.


Waterproof Mascara

Although waterproof mascara is every makeup lovers’ worst nightmare (due to how difficult it is to remove), it’s the best option at a summer wedding. You’ll thank yourself later, safe in the knowledge that your mascara won’t be running down your face in photos. Both the heat and the emotion of a beautiful wedding are a mascara’s worst enemy, so waterproof mascara can be your strongest ally in a summer wedding.


Because it wouldn’t be a summer wedding without a sparkling glow. By pairing your favourite bronzer and highlight, you’ll become the epitome of summer beauty. Swipe your highlight along your cheekbones and, if you’re feeling extra fancy, place a tiny amount on the tip of your nose and cupids bow, as this will give the allusion of plumper, fuller lips.


Finish off your summer makeup look with a baby pink lipgloss for even more shimmer. You don’t have to complicate your lips too much when it comes to summer weddings, as the environment normally calls for a more chilled out vibe. So just this once, we’re going to have to ask you to put down that bright berry lipstick.


Ceyda Erem


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