Foods you really really want to be eating

Foods you really really want to be eating

Foods you really really want to be eating

Healthy habits benefit you in the long-run, improving your mental, emotional and physical health. Avoiding overly salty, sugary and oily foods and substituting them for foods that are high in protein, anti-oxidants and even carbohydrates can be beneficial to your wellbeing. Adding in exercise will control your weight, combat diseases and also improve your mood. Try eating these foods to get the best health:

Rainbow fruit and vegetables


Different coloured fruits and vegetables carry different vitamins your body needs to keep you physically and mentally healthy. Previous studies have shown antioxidants in fruits such as strawberries, prunes, any berry, and even walnuts. The B vitamin, Folate is found in beans, dark green vegetables and citrus foods. These all have ingredients that  act as anti-depressants to keep you uplifted and happy. Eating these vegetables and fruits reduces your risk of depression.

Dark Chocolate


Believe it or not, chocolate AKA “the new anti-anxiety drug” is actually good for your mental health. Eating dark chocolate that is less than 70% cacao is actually good for you. Do not forget though, that the chocolate also contains a very large content of sugar and fat, so snack smart!

The chocolate contains a chemical called anandamides which helps the brain block away negative feelings and helps concentration.

Mulberry tea


Drinking mulberry tea for individuals that suffer from anxiety disorder is a good idea to drink every weekend. Mulberry was used millions of years ago to treat anaemia, arthritis and even diabetes. The natural tea slows down your brain and makes your mind concentrate on the right things. You can put the mulberry into an iced tea with mint, and a few blackberries on top.


Nooms Gee


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