Best places to do Yoga this weekend

Best places to do Yoga this weekend

Best places to do Yoga this weekend

Yoga is the traditional art of relieving stress, expelling negativity and building strength to combat any obstacle that stands in your way. The exercise is designed to challenge and relax the individual, whilst building their focus and keeping positive vibes within themselves. It is becoming more and more popular through Australia and classes are starting to pop up everywhere, both in your local area and around the CBD.

Yoga by the sea

Yoga by the Sea is practiced in two different styles: Yin Yoga, which is for those who are beginners, as a form of pain relief or can be for pre/post natal women. Prices range from $18 to $27, depending on whether the user wants access to the sauna and pool at the Bondi or Bronte Surf club. The program runs from October-April at sunrise and then sunset.

Yoga/Kayak at Balmoral Beach

The incredible combination of yoga and kayak increases your strength as well as de-stresses and conditions your muscles to build healthy weight on your body. The event goes for 1 hour where individuals do yoga on the beach for 30 minutes and then go kayaking in two separate groups. The beginners focus more on getting their technique correct and the experts practice their routine to build strength whilst listening to the calming sound of the beach. The program is held at Balmoral beach located in Mosman.

Laughter Yoga

Laughter yoga is an actual thing. It creates a space to have fun and release tension through a good belly of laughs, whether they are fake or real. It has been brought to 60 different countries including France, Singapore, Dubai, New Zealand and India.

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Flow after dark

Kate Kendall, co-founder of Flow Athletic created a program which is both fun and a good way to exercise your body. Flow after dark is yoga at night, with glow in the dark earphones, so you can jam out to your favourite tunes whilst enjoying some calming yoga. Sydney DJ, James Mack mixes up beats for the event whilst you are practicing your routine. The event happens three times every year and the next one is taking place on July 19th at Darling Harbour, so hurry up and get your tickets before it is too late.

Flow Athletic
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