Warm Up With These Fast Fitness Tips

Warm Up With These Fast Fitness Tips

Warm Up With These Fast Fitness Tips

Warming up is key when getting ready to embark on a journey of whatever physical activity you have planned.

Most people do a short walk or jog on a treadmill, but to really isolate those muscles, you’ll be using in your workout, try these “dynamic” or “active” warm-ups. They’re also a lot more fun than cranking away on a treadmill. Do these for five or more minutes or until you break a light sweat.

Before a cardio workout

These moves all engage a wide-range of leg muscles to really get your muscles loose and ready to log some distance.

High knees: Skip using exaggerated arm swings and concentrate on height.

Running backwards: Basically stride backwards, knees slightly bent without locking them, and an emphasis on landing on your toes.

Leg swings: Hold onto a wall or tree and swing one leg at a time up and back several times; switch legs.

Before a weight workout

Bring that heart rate up and engage your arms, legs and core. You’ll be able to lift more weight (which will burn more calories and help you build more strength).


1. Shoulder width apart.

2. Bend knees and hips, dropping into a squat as you bring the weight down to touch your left foot, shin or knee (depending on your flexibility).

3. Rise up out of the squat as you simultaneously rotate and raise the ball up and across your opposite side, as if throwing it over your opposite shoulder.

Alternating sides, try to do 2 sets.


1. Keep both hands on your hips as you step forward into a lunge with left leg (bending both legs to right angles, keeping left shin perpendicular to the floor).

2. Bring right leg up to meet the left foot and immediately step forward with your right foot as you rotate to the left. Continue lunging and twisting for 10 to 15 times on each side.

Doing these before a workout will help you get that body warmed up. Give them a shot!

Elise Stitt

Elise Stitt


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