5 Common Questions About Dieting

5 Common Questions About Dieting

5 Common Questions About Dieting

It seems like everywhere we go, somehow our diet is always brought up into conversation. Obsessing over how many calories we eat each day, or each hour. These are 5 of some of the most common questions nutritionists receive and tips to maintain moderation throughout your diet.

Is taking a day off from my diet a bad thing?

Your diet and your life are synonymous with each other.

Going “off” or “on” a diet isn’t something you should use like a light switch. Dieters who are under the tough rules of unrealistic plans eventually find themselves watching their weight move up and down, much like the Chinese stock market, often times longing for the days they can stray. Eventually, this stray day can morph into a week, or month, or even longer until you get back “on” track.

Instead, allow all foods to fit, and listen to your body. Somedays you’ll want that bowl of ice cream, other days you will crave a crisp, fresh salad. By not restricting your diet, you’ll find yourself picking up the right foods.

Are carbs really that bad for me?

Carbohydrates get a bad rep. It’s the one group that most people cut out when they are dieting and it’s the first group that they add back (with a vengeance) when they splurge. But not all carbs are the same. Wholesome, whole grain carbs are a great source of energy; also fibre takes longer to break down, giving us that “full” feeling.

Let’s talk fibre for a second. Soluble fibres, like oatmeal, rice, pasta and noodles have cholesterol-lowering properties to help reduce risks of heart disease, while also controlling diabetes by curtailing spikes in blood sugar and insulin levels. Insoluble fibres found in barley, nuts, celery and bulgur may be particularly helpful when it comes to cancer prevention and they will provide a moving experience by helping food pass through your body more easily.

The carbs that take a lot of heat are the “empty carbs”, those in pastries, lollies and chocolate.

Fats. Will they make me fat?

In these days, we live in a society where fat has become an enemy. Think: Would you voluntarily ad fat to your body? People assume that if you eat fat, you will get fat, and most of the time, that is not the case unless you eat too much fat, or protein or carbs, for that matter. It’s the excess of any food that will bring on excess weight.

Foods that include fats can make you feel fuller and satiated longer. Which also means, the right fats in the right amounts could actually help you to lose weight by silencing hunger and cravings. To make calories count, choose fats with benefits, such as, avocados, nuts and olive oil.

Fats that are better for you, can give you that extra energy, cushion our organs and allows the body to absorb essential nutrients like vitamins A, D, E and K. Fats from plant sources are not only better for our bodies, but they also provide a creamy consistency and rich flavours. Try swapping in mashed avocado for butter the next time you bake.

I’m exercising, but I’m not losing weight, what gives?

Weight loss is not the only goal of exercising. Being physically fit can strengthen your heart, lower blood pressure, and help to stabilize blood glucose levels to control diabetes. It also helps to beat stress and boost circulation to major organs like your brain, heart, and lungs.

If you don’t like traditional exercise, try dancing, jumping rope, walking the dog, pole dancing or doing an activity that you enjoy as long as it involves being active. The quickest route to weight loss and maintenance is a combo of a consistent diet and exercise routine.

When should I be weighing myself?

The scale has no feelings. It won’t lie to you, nor does it take your feelings into consideration. But we tend to give this piece of equipment a power where a simple morning weigh-in may lead to a tumultuous roller coaster of emotions. In order to help maintain a healthy body/mind relationship you shouldn’t think of weight gain or loss in terms of numbers. Instead, do you fit into the clothes that got mysteriously tight over summer? Are you feeling healthier and stronger? Didn’t you just push through and manage 20 push ups last night at the gym? That is the way to tell if you’re on the way to success.

Elise Stitt

Elise Stitt


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