7 signs your work is making you sick (and what to do about it)

7 signs your work is making you sick (and what to do about it)

7 signs your work is making you sick (and what to do about it)

Ever found your self thinking God why am I always sick? Why is it that if anything goes around the office i’m the first to get it? Or maybe you always have a reoccurring injury. How is it I’ve pull the tendon in my knee three times this year when all I do is sit?! Some times its a bad immune system, other times its bad luck but they maybe something else is happening behind the scenes that is making you ill.

Work stress is a leading factor in not only your mental health but also your physical health. Ever thought about whether your injuries are perhaps your bodies way of telling you it isn’t happy in this job? When we ignore the emotions we are feeling about a job our body starts to tell us instead. Have any of these happened to you?

1) You have a reoccurring injury that seems to keep coming back

For some unknown reason you keep putting your back out. You go to the physio, do all the exercises, rest and then a couple of months later BAM out it goes again, another long recovery plan it is. Maybe your body is trying to tell you it doesn’t want to be at work it wants to be at home recovering. (physically and emotionally)

2) Your body feels stiff all over

Every morning your body feels stiff, can’t move your neck, your back. You think maybe it’s the bed, or how you sit at work, but you change these and nothing improves. Maybe you are holding onto all that stress in your body and it has stiffened up from not ever relaxing. 

3) Any time a bug is in the office you get it, normally worse then everyone else

Why is it that no matter who in the office gets sick you get it? And normally worse. A cold puts people out of work for three days, you are off for a week. Your boss is starting to think you are faking it. Stress can in fact lead to a lower immune system, maybe its worth looking at why you get sicker then everyone else.

Sad Puppy

4) You regularly get headaches, potentially even migraines

Notice you are getting more headaches than usual? Maybe they are even turning into migraines. Taking Panadol every couple of days? Honey this ain’t normal. Sure a headache here and there happens but when they become frequent consider whether they are a sign of stress and fatigue. Is your body telling you it needs peace and quiet? Possibly a dark room with no noise so you can just think. Maybe it’s time to think about another job.

5) You suddenly have ailments you never had before

Ever found you have injuries or pain somewhere you have never had it before? It’s the physical impact of your job, sure, you could be moving differently or sitting the wrong way. But it could also be you are unhappy and your body is giving you warning signs that it will continue to play up until you listen. 

6) You have lost your appetite/ gained it ten fold

For some people stress overload makes them loose their appetite, others its the opposite. Maybe you don’t realise your stressed but every time you look at food you feel sick. Or may you are sooo bored that all you want to do is reach for snacks, anything that livens up your work day. Take the time to look at your food, is it what you normally eat? Or are you eating from a place of stress or boredom. 

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7) You have no energy outside of work to do ANYTHING

Those old hobbies, exercising, joining the local soccer team all seem like way too much effort. You are just so tired when you get home that all you want to do is crash on the couch. You used to be a ball of fun but now you have no energy by the time the day is up. Does work always have to be this draining?

Health is a multilevel situation, if in doubt always seek medical advice.

If you’re gone through all the doctors and alternate medical advice you can and are still in the same spot it maybe worth looking at the signs in your mental health. Are your feelings about your job making you sick instead? Maybe it’s time to explore work that would feel better.

Lila Marvell
Lila Marvell is the brains behind Career Marvell. A space for you to explore your next career change. Working with high strivers she knows how to help you overcome your fears and make that jump into a career you are actually excited about. Lila is based in Sydney.


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