QUIZ: Which Form of Exercise is Best for You?

QUIZ: Which Form of Exercise is Best for You?

QUIZ: Which Form of Exercise is Best for You?

With summer fast approaching, finding that style of exercise that suits you perfectly sometimes feels like buying a new bra, terrifying and you are unsure if the fit is right for you! Take this quiz and see what kind of exercise you should try!

1. What is your level of commitment like going to exercise, say in a week?

A. I will be there rain, hail or shine; my commitment is stronger than any relationship.
B.  I will be there as much as I can, but I do need that wiggle room for a me day or a  spontaneous trip!
C. I am very unable to commit week by week, as I am always changing. 

2. What is your take on exercising with others?

A. It is ideal, having that support system is so important!
B. I am indifferent, it is ok to workout with others, but I am just as happy to do it alone.
C. I am not a fan. I am often cringing hearing myself puff and sweat with others.

3. How do you feel about committing to the same sports weekly?

A. Fine by me!
B. I may need some variety sometimes, but on the whole, it is ok.
C. I find it hard to stay committed to the same style of exercise. 

4. You get a call from your bestie, she has found the best new spot in the city and has reserved you two a table, but you are meant to go exercise. What do you do? 

A. Tell her to get someone else to go with her as you can let the team down.
B. Flake, you’ve been working hard this week, why not treat yourself!
C. Go to dinner! Pfft, I had already planned to flake on exercising this morning.

5. Sunday morning exercise, how does that sound? 

A. I’m there!
B. I’m there if I had an easy Saturday night, sleep in if not!
C. I am still out! 

6. Do you get bored easily when exercising?

A. No
B. Sometimes
C. Yes 

7. How do you feel about high-intensity exercise?

A. Love it! A sweat-sesh with friends is what I need after a hard work week.
B. I’m indifferent, most of the time I’m into it!
C. Not for me unless I’m in the mood, which isn’t often 

8. Finally, how do you feel travelling to do your exercise?

A. Yes, I can go anywhere anytime!
B. Maybe, depends if I have something better on
C. No, I couldn’t do that.



Mostly A’s – Team Sports:

A team sport requires the most commitment on this list, and you are simply ready to take on that challenge! You are super into meeting new people or being with friends. You can commit to weekly meetups or games and wouldn’t miss it for the world and to drop out mid-season would make your blood boil! As well as getting some social time you are releasing all those good endorphins when you’re exercising, go you! 

Team Sports We Reckon You Would Love:

Touch Football
European handball

Mostly B’s – Boot Camp or Group Classes:

You love a good sweat-sesh, but you are prone to flake if your best mate or next level tinder date wants to grab a drink, and that’s fine! Boot Camps or Group Classes are likely to run weekly at different times that can be suited to you and your lifestyle. You also are exercising with either a group of mates or strangers, and it doesn’t matter if you aren’t there sometimes as you’re all doing your own thing!

These could be ideal for you: 

Low commitment recreational team sports (e.g meeting up with mates to play a game of basketball)
Boot Camps
Group Classes
Pay by class exercises
Youtube exercises 

Mostly C’s – Leisure Exercise or Singular Classes:

Low commitment is your go-to! You are either always on the move, or your mind is. You want a taste of everything, or you want nothing to with exercise – and that is also totally fine! Exercise to you is not something that needs to be a ritual. The best way to disguise activity is to do something fun while you’re exercising, like a kid having their veggies hidden in foods they trust. Doing one-off classes is beneficial to you as it is low commitment and based on your availability. 

Try these exercises for size: 

A hike with amazing views and stops
One-off classes: aerobics, HIIT Classes, yoga, Circus skills classes
Watching a youtube workout 


How did you go? Why not try giving these exercises a try and feel good this summer!






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